"Ae lo Biji aa gaye dilli wale" Raman cousin Raj grinned while guiding them towards Biji who was eagerly waiting for her grandson. When Raman kneeled infront of the old figure he smiled seeing toothless smile on her wrinkled face. Raman didn't remembered his nani much but his nani masi always loved him like his own grandson, "meri bahu kitthe hai?"

"Are aao....kahan reh gayi?" Ishita almost ran hearing her husband voice she was equally delighted catching there relatives after so long, she covered her head with her sari pallu and together they bend to take Biji blessings.

"Doodho nahao phooto phalo. Santaan bhava:"

"Oye Biji ae ki gajab kar rahe ho. Already 2 sambhalna mushqil hai aap kaha teesre ka aashirwaad de rahi ho" Raman scratched his head hearing blessings, everyone laughed on Raman Ishita seeing there flushed faces.

"Oye main samjhe tu Aditya hai" Biji replied with laugh which caused everyone to chuckle as well.

"Vaise Ishita Bhabhi Biji ka aashirwaad causal mat lena. Aksar kaam kar jata hai" Raj wife Simran winked at Ishita who was eating samosa after meeting everyone.

"Kuch bhi" Ishita shrugged off Simran that day but she never thought the blessing could be turn back in such way.

"Biji ki blessing hi sach ho gayi lagti hai mujhe toh Raman"

"Shayad." Raman sighted looking at his wife who was tired with nothing sickness, "Tum please kuch khaa lo na" Raman asked after brief pause.

"Nahi......I'm not hungry"

"Apne liye nahi toh......eat for baby" Raman answered in scared voice which irked his wife again.

"Bas haan.......not again" Ishita gritted her teeth.

"Yaar.......maine aisa kya kaha."

"Aap jaao yaar Raman. Already sab itna messed up hai. Pata nahi sab neeche kaise react kar rahe honge"

"Vaise tumhari Amma aayi hai neeche, tumse milne"

"Aiyoo!!!!! How will I face them." Ishita almost cried thinking about her mother last night when the news came out all of sudden she saved herself rushing in her room but now she realised she can't help herself for long one day or another she had to face her parents.

"Abhi toh iske aane ki news milke ek din hua hai toh itne siyappe ho rahe hai sochta hoon aage jaake kya hoga"

"Aage kya hum dono ki hi band bajegi" Ishita bit her lip slyly and touched her flat stomach with care.

"Vaise kitna ajeeb hai na humne se kisi ne uski welcome ke liye kuch kiya bhi nahi. Kitne ajeeb parents hai na hum" Ishita face dulled hearing Raman, she felt guilty on her silly way. The news was not easy to digest but they can't deny the fact that there piece of flesh going to come in between them in coming days.

"Hey don't think that we don't love you baby...bas hum toh tumhari timing se pareshaan hai but we love you. Sacchi" Ishita chuckled hearing her husband welcome speech and looked at him for second, his boyish smile made her smile wide. She kept her hand over his and closed her eyes. She still remembered the day when she broke her pregnancy news after six months of there marriage, those days  weren't technosavy days, Raman was on business tour in those days and she kept this news upto her for whole ten days. She remembered that night when he came back and she welcomed him by feeding him pysum at 2 of night.

He was surprised seeing her all enthusiastic but he let her do same anyway and at last when she came back from washroom all decked in new satin dress and broke the news in between of there sweet love making he broke into tears, they hugged and kissed each other to heart content, he cherished her taking in his arms. The joy of having first kid was more then anything for them. Ishita eyes brimmed with tears recalling same and caressed his hairs, he peaked her stomach again and came on her face level, her face glowed more today she looked beautiful then usual. Raman wounded his arm around her neck and took her lips for soul searing kiss.

"I love you" she moaned feeling his soft lips against her and they continued to explore each other mouths.

"Are tum ko kya hua" Raman panted seeing his wife who broke kiss in middle and rushed towards washroom.

"I hate you Raman Bhalla. You just need a chance to start all this. Aur haan door rehna mujhse ab se.......budhapa aa gaya but jawani nahi dhalti. One track mind aadmi. God give him some mind" she cursed him in between vomiting.

Ishita yelled from washroom and Raman banged his head with with his palm, this was mere starting and he was clueless how he is going to handle his wife for rest of nine months, "bachaa lena matarani mainu"

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