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Aarohi 💕

Next when Raman entered in his room he saw his wife who laid exhausted on bed with morning sickness and he recalled he went downstairs to bring lime water for her. He rushed towards her and helped her in gulping water, "feeling better?" He rubbed her arm and she hummed slowly.

"If you want we can see doctor"

"Its common moreover I'm doctor I know how to take my care" Ishita taunted her husband.

"Haah!!!!! Please stop naming yourself doctor... you are dentist not doctor. Doctor hoti toh pata hota ki kya chal raha hai tumhare ander"

"Just don't provoke me Mr Bhalla...... and by the way fine I'm illiterate doctor fine....but aapka kya? Aap toh bade intelligent bante ho na phir kya hua? I told you to use precaution haina? Still you didn't. Agar karte toh yeh nahi hota aaj" she pointed towards her flat stomach which made Raman Bhalla sighted. How ironical there life was. Usually couple cherish the news of pregnancy but they were first who fought on same.

"OK fine we can stop this argument for now. Have something know I can't see you in stress"

"Jaan!!!! Ek toh stop these endearment. Issi ka result hai yeh" Ishita answered while gritting her teeth which made him gulp his saliva, "mujhe toh lagta hai Biji ka universal aashirwaad hi work kar gaya hai yahan" the couple rested there hands on palm recalling the incident happened some eight weeks back which they took lightly.

"Adi Aaliya are you comfortable?"

"Hahaha yes Maa, vaise where we are heading?"

"Ludhiana, to make you meet Raman nani" Ishita chipped sitting at front seat, they were currently on Delhi punjab highway heading for there weekend in Ludhiana since Raman announced about Adi relationship and his marriage Raman grandmother aka  Toshi maternal Aunt was excited to see her great grand daughter in law. After exhausting joruney of hours they reached in village near Ludhiana, like her kids Ishita and Raman was equally excited to see there grandmother.

"Biji kahan hai?" He excitedly asked to his cousin who welcomed him with warm smile.

"Aangan mein. Kab se teri raah dekh rahi hai" Raman smiled and followed his cousin along Ishita where excited Aaliya stayed behind to take a look of architecture of old haveli.

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