A Gift {Chloe X Male!Reader}

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You were pretty good friends with Elijah Kamski

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You were pretty good friends with Elijah Kamski. Ever since you both were teenagers, you've been almost like brothers. But, as time went on, you both drifted apart.

You knew he made a life in making androids. Last time you spoke, he joked to you that'd he'd sent one to you as gift. Why? Because you didn't have many friends other than him. What didn't expect, was that he wasn't joking.

Someone knocked at your door softly, confusing you. It was your day off, and no one visited you. However, you couldn't leave whoever was at the door hanging.

Walking over to the front door, you look through the peephole. You saw a woman with platinum blonde hair, and she wore a short, white dress. She turned her head, seeming she was unaware of what to do while she waited for someone to open the door. That's where you saw her blue LED.

She was an Android.

Kamski, you sonavabitch you thought.

You open the door, a smile on your face. She turned to you, a genuine smile on her own pale face.

"Uh, hello." You say.

"Hi, my name is Chloe. I was sent here by Elijah Kamski. I heard you both are good friends." She spoke softly.

"Oh? Oh, yeah! So why did he send you?" You asked, still confused on why he sent you a beautiful Android.

"He felt bad about leaving you alone in life. He wanted you to know that you're still someone special to him. So, he sent me to keep you company while he's busy." Chloe stated, still having a small smile on her face.

"Like some Android companion?" You asked.

She nodded. "Precisely."

"Why don't you come on in?" You say, making way for her to walk in.

"Thank you." She bowed her head, and walked into your cozy apartment.

You close the door, and turned around. You turned around, and nearly bumped into Chloe.

"I'm sorry!" You said.

"There's one last thing I'm supposed to do," She said.

"And that is?"

Immediately, she wrapped her arms around your torso, burying her head into your chest.

"Kamski wanted me to show you as much affection as I can. I can start with a simple hug." She said softly, squeezing your body.

Hesitantly, you wrap your arms around her small frame. For some reason, it didn't feel unnatural.

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