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1) Be nice, no mean, racist or sexist comments to anyone in the group
2) No sexual stuff in the chat but cuddling is okay so is kissing
3) I don't care if you cuss I really don't
4) you will get spammed if you don't like that then don't join
5) ask to join instead of randomly jumping in so we can keep up with the people in the group
5) have fun and stay safe
6) we will have admins and they can also tell you what to do so don't be rude to them if they point you out
7) you will get 3 warnings before you get kicked out hopefully that doesn't happen
8) no drama you will get removed just like that
9) no nudes or asking for nudes that's just wrong
10) just don't be tagging random people ask me and I'll tell you if it's ok
11) there maybe rules added later

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