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*guys I made chapter 16 if you didn't read it, go read because a lot of people didn't read it*

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Will's POV (read above if you didn't already)
It's very import to read above seriously.

This chapter will not make sense if you don't read above.

Me and y/n had just got back from... well, I consider it as a 'date' but I know, she doesn't like me like that.

I like her a lot. I just, I would never have the confidence to ask her out. Maybe. She's a beautiful person, just she's going through a lot right now and I want to support her, and be for her, I just don't know how to.

Y/n said she needed to go somewhere, even though it was extremely late. She wouldn't tell me where, so I left her in the car with Dave, and walked into the house.

I was a little bit concerned if she was going to another boys house. What if she has a boyfriend? What if she doesn't even like me? Well, of course she doesn't, because we're not dating.

I kept thinking about her in a romantic girlfriend, but I had to keep reminding myself that we weren't.

She doesn't like you Will.

Me and Josh were reviewing our lines. Eventually, we all went to bed early, considering we had to wake up early. Well, expect Y/n, because she had gone somewhere...


Me and Will had just gotten back from our... hangout? Date? nooo. not date. He could never like me like that.

I told him that I needed to go somewhere. He hesitated and left me in the car.

"Could you take me to this address?" I said while showing Dave my phone.

He nodded his head and started driving.

(Time skip)

Once we finally got there, I rang the door bell and right away, someone answer.

(Ha YALL dont know who it is yet... guess in the comments)

Wills POV

4:00 am

What the actual heck.
I got up to be greeted with Sadie, and Josh. I was about to say "good morning" but I was cut off some an extremely loud bang.

"Did you guys hear that?" I asked, a little bit concerned. They nodded their head, and furrowed their eyebrows.

We heard a loud voice, yelling and muffling words. I admittedly recognized the voice as

Her hair was all messy. she had sweat pants on and a sweatshirt. She had bags under her eyes. Definitely not a morning if person huh...

"What was that loud noise?" Josh questioned her.

"My alarm clock." She simply stated.

"Huh, your alarm is really loud then?" I said.

"Well, when I throw it at the wall, yeah it's loud..." she said quiet, while getting a water.

Once Finn came down, we all drove to the set. We got there just on time, and we were all ordered to go meet with our make up artist.


We all separated and met with our hair, makeup & etc artist.

I was greeted with a smile of Cindy. She put on serval coats of makeup and helped me get into my outfit.

Finally, I was done and the Alex, and some other helpers of the director told me to review my lines. My first scene for today, was with Finn.

His character and mine would have a strong connection supposedly.

My character was a female badass, while Finn's was also a badass. Josh's character was the "jock". Sadie's was the "dumb blonde" even though she wasn't blonde. And last but not least, Will's character was a fighter and had been living on his own his whole life.

The story line was actually really interesting, although my thoughts got interrupted when Alex yelled for me & finn.

"Set, action."

I went into character.

sorry this is short but I'm gonna do another chapter YEET IM BACK AND IM ACTIVE YALL!

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