Chapter Twelve

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  I looked at Tomura and wiped away the remaining tears. He was alone. He must've left Ashido and Kirishima in a different room.

  "Who's next?" Tomura smirks.

  "I wanna see Ashido next." I said plainly. I help Deku up using his arm and I hand him to the villain. "He's hurt. When I'm done talking with everyone, get him some help." I glared straight into Tomura's eyes. I wasn't scared of him anymore. I knew that he was going to kill me in twenty minutes so what's the point of trying to please him?

  He scoffed. "Alright." He grabs Deku's arm and tugs him away only to appear with Ashido shortly.

  Ashido hugged me. "Bakugou. I'm going to miss you so much. Please, change your mind. It'll be fine. Everyone dies one day. You have too much potential to die."

  "Yeah, so did Kaminari but look what happened to him." I said flatly.

  I heard her gasp then sigh. "Bakugou, I know that you're only saying these things to seem tough, it's okay to cry. It's still manly." She started to pat my back.

  I pushed her away. "I don't need to cry. I'm fine. I've already reached my limit earlier today." It was a lie. I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to hurt my pride. I didn't care if it was manly or not. My pride would be gone if I did.

  Then again, I'm dying in a few minutes. She must've sensed it or something because as soon as she hugged me again, I broke down. I screamed. I cried. I yelled out curses. I didn't care anymore.

  "It's okay Bakugou." She patted my back. "I'm here."

  "For now." I said bitterly through my tears. "In a few minutes, it'll be just me and Kirishima. Then, after him, it'll be me and Tomura."

  She looked like she wanted to say something but she was holding her tongue metaphorically. I just pulled away and rolled my eyes. I didn't want to cry on her shoulder anymore. I knew that I was going to die and that whatever she was holding back, she was holding it back for a reason.

  I chuckled. "I'm going to miss everyone in Class 1-A, believe it or not." I raked my hands through my hair. Ashido had a surprised expression on her face before she wiped it away with a shake of her head. "Anyways, let's make our ten minutes worth the while."

  "Yeah, so what do you want to talk about? Better get everything out while you can." She chuckled a little while wiping away her tears. "Give me all of your juicy gossip."

  I rolled my eyes and pushed her face away. "No way."

  "Aww, c'mon! There has to be some type of secret you want to get off of your chest in your last moments." She whined and I looked away.

  "Well, there may be one..." I whispered. I shot a glance her way to see her expression and I noticed her eyes were sparkling with curiosity. "I love Kirishima."

  He pushed me. "Everyone already knows that!" She sounded annoyed but she couldn't hide her smile though.

  "Okay, okay, I have one but now that I think about it, it's kind of depressing." I rubbed the back of my neck. She tilted her head and silemtly urged me to go on. "A while ago, Sero had Hanahaki."

  I heard her gasp. "What?! He did? How did you find out?!"

  I chuckled a little. "I found out that day you were asking people to your sleepover. Remember when Sero and I chased Kaminari to Kirishima's dorm?" She nodded and chuckled.

  "Yeah. Was Denki trying to tell Kirishima about Sero?" I nodded.

  "He knew that they could relate. I didn't understand why or who Sero had it for, but now I do know..." I looked down.

  "What will we tell Sero...?" Raccoon Eyes asked.

  "Don't ask me. I won't be alive at the time." I sighed. "I hope he takes it well."

  "He won't take it well. I know Sero. How would you react if he killed Kirishimam"

  "He would be dead. I would've killed him." Small explosions escaped my hands as I thought about what would've happened if Kirishima was in his place.

  "Exactly. He would feel the same. I mean, he probably almost died a few times, like Kirishima, and they finally got together, now all of that is ripped away from his grasp." Ashido reached out her hand as she talked with a sad expression.

  I clenched my fists, the small explotions were still going off. "If I hadn't made this deal, I'd murder Shigaraki myself for what he's done to our Pikachu."

  Ashido nods. "I wanted to do something, but I felt like I couldn't. I knew that I couldn't fight him on our own, he'd call the other villai-" She slapped her mouth shut. "Nevermind. Did you know that I knew Kirishima before he came to UA?"

  I ignored the sudden mood change. "What was he like?"

  "Well, he was like a background character. He showed interest into being a hero, but he wouldn't do anything." She pondered for a moment. "Oh! And his hair was different. It was black and he always had it down."

  "Lucky..." I grumbled. "You saw him what he was like before UA."

  "Yep! We weren't that close though." She informed me.

  "Oh." I looked up. "Do you have any stories of him?"

  "Yeah! Wanna hear some?" Her smile reappeared.

  I nodded. Of course I wanted to hear some stories about Kirishima when he was little.

  She opened her mouth but the door opened. I looked over and I saw Tomura standing there. "Time's up Ashido."

  She nodded and walked to the door. She stopped though and ran back towards me. She flung her arms around me and hugged tightly. "Bye Bakugou." I didn't hug back. She let go and walked away a little too happy. Maybe they are all just sick of me already...

  A few minutes after Ashido walked away with Handman, Tomura returned with Kirishima.

  Kirishima ran and hugged me tightly. He waited until the door closed and Handman walked away to talk. "I know how we can get you out of here."

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