RDJ and Beer Pong

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A/N - Hey! Thank you to anyone and everyone who is reading my ramblings. I really have no idea if this is any good but I'm having fun writing it. And I appreciate every read and vote! ;)

The Sunday before Labor Day I went over to Kirsten's house for dinner. Her husband Nate was cooking out on the grill. And oh yeah Chris was coming along too. Kirsten greeted us excitedly at the door. She pulled me in for a hug and then did the same to Chris.

"You remember my husband Nate?" Kirsten said to Chris smiling proudly at her husband.

"I do, how's it going man?" Chris shook Nate's hand and then slipped his arm around my shoulders.

Kirsten bit back a smile. "Dinner's almost ready. We're going to eat out on the back deck."

We followed Kirsten to the deck and Nate checked the steaks on the grill as the rest of us grabbed a seat at the patio table.

"You guys have a beautiful home." Chris leaned back in his chair, "This back yard is amazing."

"Big reason we bought the house." Nate called from the grill.

"The kitchen was the big reason we bought the house." Kirsten corrected, "What can I get you to drink? Beer, wine, water, coke?"

"Beer sounds good." Chris licked his lips.

"I'll take one too." I shrugged.

Kirsten stood up and grabbed my arm, "Come on you can come get your own."

I rolled my eyes but followed her into the house.

"How crazy is this?!" Kirsten shut the back door her eyes dancing excitedly, "Chris Evans having dinner at my house and dating my best friend."

"Shhh!" I held my hand up, "He might hear you."

"Girl these doors are sound proof." She shook her head, "Do you think he could introduce us to Robert Downey Jr?"

"No!" I frowned, "Don't you dare ask him either. He's just Chris. He's not mega-movie star Chris, ok?"

"Ok." She pouted opening the fridge, "Except he is a mega-movie star."

"Not to me." I took the beers from her hand, waiting as she took a bottle opener and popped the caps.

"Do you think he'll invite you to a movie premiere?!"

"Calm down." I laughed. "If he does, you'll be the first to know. I doubt I would go though."

"You're kidding, right? Do you know how amazing that would be? Think of the superstars you would meet." Kirsten's eyes clouded over as she imagined attending a huge Hollywood movie premiere.

"I think you're moving a little fast." I turned to go back outside.

"Says you who's going to his families party tomorrow."

"That's different. I know his family already, now hush." I gave her a look as we joined the boys back outside.

"Hey babe," Nate called, "Chris invited us to his sister's party tomorrow, that cool?"

"Absolutely." Kirsten's face lit up into a huge grin. "Can you introduce me to Robert Downey Jr?"

My jaw dropped as I spun around to face my traitor best friend. "KIRSTEN BROOKE WEST!"

"I'm sorry." She gushed, "I just love him."

I cringed as I turned to look at Chris but he was just laughing, "If he's ever in Boston consider it done."

"I apologize for my crass best friend. She's still a little star struck." I widened my eyes giving her a look to kill.

"Sorry we're not all dating movie stars."

"Yup, she has to settle for me." Nate plopped down in the chair next to her.

Kirsten frowned, "Not settling. Again I'm sorry. It's just a little weird that Captain America is having dinner at my house."

"Kirsten, stop right now." I warned.

"Ok fine. Chris I'm sorry."

Chris was still laughing as he waved it off. "It's not even a thing."

"So you will introduce me to RDJ if he's in Boston, right?"

I took a napkin from the table, balled it up and threw it at her.


Labor Day Chris was picking me up at 1:00 to go to his sister's house. Kirsten and Nate were meeting us there. I was in my bedroom changing my outfit for the 3rd time when he knocked on my door. Groaning I yanked on a pair of cut of jean shorts and tugged my off the shoulder t-shirt down. Slipping my shoes on I raced to the front door.

"Hey." I pulled it open with a smile. Chris grinned back at me and I forgot where I was for a moment. In khaki shorts and a deep blue polo shirt he looked way better than someone should in such casual attire. He had a Red Sox hat pulled down low to his eyes and I could barely see his face.

"Why do you wear your hat so low? I can't see your face." I pushed his hat up a little as he stepped into the foyer of my house wrapping his arms around my waist he brought his lips to mine for a hello kiss. He flipped his hat around backwards.

"I'll wear it like this but I promise you my mom will make me turn it back around."

I giggled. "Well I don't want to make your mom mad."

"You kidding? She's so psyched you're coming. She really likes you."

"Stop you're making me nervous."

Chris chuckled, "Don't be. They already know you, they like you, and they will love you." He kissed me again.

"Ok." I said hesitantly.

"No worries." He tugged on my pony tail. "You look beautiful if I didn't tell you yet."

"You didn't. But thank you." I said with a shy smile. "You look pretty amazing yourself."

"Thanks." He winked at me.

We pulled up at his sisters house and he grabbed my hand pulling me along. I knew Kirsten and Nate weren't there yet. My eyes searched for Scott's car but I didn't see it either. The door was pulled open before we could knock. Scott was grinning widely to greet us.

"My favorite couple has arrived. Don't kill me Bree but I'm stealing your man. I'm getting crushed in beer pong." He grabbed Chris and started dragging him through the house and crowds of people towards the back patio.

Chris laughed, "Hang on, hang on." He stopped walking and waited for me grabbing my hand. He navigated through the house saying hello to different friends and family members. I saw his mom by the back door and as we approached her Chris flipped his hat around.

"Hey Mom." He released my hand and kissed her cheek. "You remember Breelan."

"Of course!" She smiled at me and gave me a hug, "I'm so glad you could make it. Especially with this one." She nodded towards her oldest son.

"Ugh, come on!" Scott wrinkled his nose. "I need a beer pong partner."

"You're asking the wrong one." I piped up. "Beer pong is my specialty."

"Oh. Well with this new information." Scott pushed Chris out of the way playfully and linked his arm to mine. "Let's go partner."

I threw a smile over my shoulder at Chris and let Scott lead me to the beer pong table.

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