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nammie_nums: I have been told mu intellect ish very high thank you vewy muCH

Seokmedaddy: I can tell.

nammie_nums: ( ̄(工) ̄) I sense sarcasm.

Seokmedaddy: and I sense bullshit.

nammie_nums: Ouchie. thats a bad word

Seokmedaddy: qt.

nammie_nums: whats so cute about bwad language mistew

Seokmedaddy is typing...

Seokmedaddy: Seokjin, just call me that

nammie_nums: Seokjin? Ew nu ish too long

Seokmedaddy: yah watch it you fetus I'm your hyUNG

nammie_nums: okAY hYunGiE

Seokmedaddy is typing...

Seokmedaddy: I just busted the p h a t t e s t uwu

nammie_nums: M'not cute

Seokmedaddy: what ever you say princess

Seokmedaddy: awww did I make my baby shy

nammie_nums is typing...

nammie_nums: M'not a pwincess eiver

Seokmedaddy: I'll make you my princess soon enough.


I'm tired high school sux

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