Frexy gets Spooked

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It was the night before Halloween and Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, Chica and Frexy's friend Jessie were decorating the main room of the studio with decorations from jack-o-lanterns sitting on the tables and next to the stage to sparkly orange, black, and purple bats hanging from the ceiling for the Halloween party, Frexy was sitting at the table watching them while slowly drinking her cup of Sprite, she wasn't sure what Halloween was or what it meant, she was worried that her friends would make fun of her for not knowing what it was, but she knew that they wouldn't since they care about her, Frexy then looked at the bowl that was filled with candy at the end of the table, but this wasn't a regular bowl, this one had a hand over the candy like it was protecting them, she decided to get a piece from the bowl, she was picky about what she wanted since most of them were her favorites, she was about to stick her hand into the bowl to get a piece but quickly moved it away when the hand went over the candy and made a ghoulish laugh, Frexy put her ears down, covered hey eyes, and began whimpering like a puppy.

Foxy heard Frexy's whimpering from the table to the stage he was decorating, he got off of it and ran over to her to check on her.

"Frexy, what happened? Did something spook you?" He asked her.

Frexy pointed her hook to the bowl that scared her, Foxy took a look at the bowl, he didn't remember owning a bowl like that, but he knew one animatronic that probably did and placed it there to scare others.

"Ugh! Springtrap!" He said to himself then looked at Frexy. "don't worry Frexy, I'll put this candy in a different bowl so it's easier for you to get a piece."

Foxy took the bowl and walked off with it to find a different one to use, he began looking through the box of Halloween decorations and eventually found one, he switched off the other one and dumped the candy into the new bowl, he brung the candy to Frexy and told her;

"Here you go, Don't eat all of the candy, Frexy, we still need them for the party tomorrow night and also I don't want you getting sick off of those, you can only have a couple of pieces, like only four of them okay?"

"Okay, Foxy, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it that you want to ask me?

"What's Halloween?"

"Well....Frexy.." Foxy said as he sat next to her."it's a holiday that I think you wouldn't enjoy celebrating, every year in October, people get into the spirit by decorating their homes with creepy things and on the day of Halloween, people wear costumes that represent either a popular horror movie character or something like that, and like Springtrap, it's a time where people like to scare others by pulling a prank, but don't worry Frexy, you don't have to celebrate Halloween if you don't want to, I know you're quite sensitive about scary things, so you can stay in your room for the party if you want, I won't care at all."

"Wow...I never knew that's what Halloween was about, at least you're okay with me not celebrating it due to being sensitive."

Foxy smiled at her as he got out of his seat, he grabbed the bowl that scared Frexy but before he walked off, he asked her;

"Do you need anything else?"

"No, I'm alright for right now."

Frexy watched Foxy as he walked away from the table and began to dig through the bowl, after a few minutes, she found four pieces and decided to take them to her room to eat them, as she walked down the hallway, she saw Freddy's door open to the left side of her, she went to peek inside but quickly jumped back in fear when Springtrap opened the door and scared her! Frexy was breathing panically but quickly put her ears down and began crying, she picked up the candy off of the floor and ran to her room, sobbing.

Freddy, Foxy and Jessie heard Frexy crying before she ran to her room, they went to investigate but when they saw Springtrap who was about to walk out of the hallway, Freddy and Foxy blocked him with angry looks on their faces.

"Woah hold on there, you're not going anywhere!" Said Freddy.

"Please let me go!" Yelled Springtrap with anger in his voice.

"Not until you apologize to our Frexy! You scared her, you apologize!" Said Foxy.

"You two! Stop it! Let me speak to him! Said Jessie as she got in front of Freddy and Foxy."Springtrap, look, I know tomorrow is Halloween and you're ready to get your scare on but you have to understand that not everyone likes to get scared, that includes Frexy, she's very sensitive, so please, can you apologize to her? I'll go with you to see if you'll actually say it and to make sure you're not lying."

"Alright, I'll go apologize to her." Said Springtrap as he walked to Frexy's room, Jessie followed him.

"Frexy..." Said Jessie calmly as she knocked on her door. "Springtrap wants to say something to you."

Frexy opened the door to see Springtrap standing in front of the door while Jessie was standing behind him.

"What do you want to say to me?" Frexy asked him.

"Frexy, look, I'm very sorry that I scared you like that, I didn't mean to and don't worry, I'll not scare you again." Said Springtrap.

"I accept your apology but will you promise me not to scare me again?"

"I promise."

"Hey Frexy, are you okay now?" Jessie asked her.

"Yeah, I'm okay." Replied Frexy.

"That's good to know, if you ever get scared again, remember, just message or call me and I'll comfort you in any way."

"Alright." Said Frexy as she closed the door, Jessie and Springtrap walked away to get back to decorating the main room for tomorrow.

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