Road trip 1/2

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This whole thing is Your Pov

It has now been two weeks after school has started and it hasn't gotten any better in fact it's gotten worse. I've gotten home with bruises and I've hid it. The best news I received is that this weekend was a long weekend their was no school on Monday. The even better news was that we were going on a road trip.

A big family road trip:
Mom and Dad
Christina and Nick
Christian And Natalie

It's been so long since we've done something like this as a family. This is the when they told us.

It was finally 2:20 and time to head out of school today was horrible I had all my classes with Jacqueline. After the long day I get to Chris's car and a few minutes later nick arrived and not to far behind Chris and Natalie arrived we hopped in the car and drove home. Joey was already home because they picked him up early.

Me, nick and joey were very confused on why everyone was acting so weird.

Lisa says "you're finally home, come to the couch we wanna tell you guys something". Me and nick look around expecting someone to jump out at us as a prank but pretty much everyone was rounded up to the couch. Me, Joey and nick plop down on the couch and we listen to what Lisa says. "Okay we know how you guys have been asking to go on a trip for like months now so we all decided that we are renting an RV and we are going on a road trip."

We look at each other in disbelief it took about 10 seconds for it to really hit us but when it did we started screaming and jumping around hugging everyone. Dani shouts out "oh yeah and by the way since there is no school on Monday we told the school y'all aren't going for the rest of the week because we are staying in a cabin".

I nearly fainted, I'm going on a long awaited road trip with my whole family AND I get to miss school. Joey pretends to faint and nick is literally mind blown on how they pulled this off. After several minutes of us freaking out Christina shouts "okay guys start packing we leave 2 hours after mom and dad get back home which is like in an hour and joey, nick and y/n come eat nick brought y'all y/f/f/f" (your favorite fast food)

Chris shouts back "alright I'm going to go take natalie for she can go get ready." "Natalie's going too how much better can this get" I say and everyone chuckles and they leave. Over these past weeks I've grown a bond with natalie she's very sweet and funny she also helps me with school, she fits right into our crazy family.
I face my food as I say" thanks Nick" after, Joey and nick repeated after me "thanks Nick" while they stuff their faces with food. He then chuckled "no worries".

I was nearly about to faint from getting all these news at a time and from this literal blessed food. Amy comes from behind me puts her arms on my shoulders and gives me a mini message saying "it's okay y/n don't pass out now" we chuckle. After we ate we ran upstairs to go get our things ready. I showered, changed, packed clothes and made room for the HELLA snacks I knew I was going to get.

Mom and dad got home and I went with mike and alex to get the rental RV's since I don't take seven years to get ready. We got the RV I went in the RV with mike while alex took the truck back home we finally got home. Chris came back from picking up Natalie. We were all finally ready and we ran into the bus we all called seats and surprisingly no one fought over seats. It was pretty cool because the seats turn into beds the RV was HUGE.

We all put our things under our seats we said goodbye to our house as if the house cared

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We all put our things under our seats we said goodbye to our house as if the house cared. But before the actual road trip began we stopped at a gas station while mom and dad pumped gas we all ran inside to get snacks. I was going to run in to get snacks but I ran back out to ask mom and dad what they wanted they told me and I ran back in

We all got our snacks and got back on I handed mom her and dads snacks as you can already guess dads driving. We all got into our seats and a question came to mind I screamed out "hey I have a question" everyone looked at me I said "where are we going" joey said "yeah" nick followed along as well "yeah where".

"That's for us to know and you to find out" mom says. "Yeah you probably won't even know where it is anyway what you can know is that your gonna have to sit, sleep and keep tidy for a whopping 9 hours" Lisa says.

Mom stands up and says "now that Lisa reminds on how long this trip actually is we must go over the RV rules" "LISAA"everyone groans/shouts "sorry not sorry" Lisa says.
"First things first no fighting
Secondly, Take care of your spot in the bus
Third, No number 2s in the potty room
Obviously No horseplay
Guysss Talk to each other phones are off limits once we get to the cabin this is a family vacation. And last thing let's have fun" Everyone cheers
I think mom forgot that we weren't 10 anymore. Right after mom finished the bus was on and we were off.

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