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IMPORTANT NOTE: I would just like to state again that this story is old, and isn't my best writing. If you'd like to read this story in a different light (and better writing) please check out the rewrite!

Third Person POV.

A girl around the age of 15 walks down the halls of The Southern Airtemple, her dark hair flows behind her as she walks, a worried look in her greyish eyes. She had been worried about her brother, Aang. He had been told he was the Avatar and when everyone else found out, they stopped playing with him. For a 12-year-old boy, losing his friends was heartbreaking, he never asked to be the Avatar, so why would they stop all contact with him? The girl's name is Elua, she was very important to the Avatar. Not just because she is his sister, but because she had always been tasked with protecting him, from the moment he was born.

Elua sighs as she gets to a door at the end of the hallway, she lifts up her hand and knocks on the door. She stands there for about a minute but nothing happens, she frowns as she slowly opens the door. She peaks her head into the room and sees a boy with blue arrows tattooed from his head to his feet, sneaking out the window.
"Aang?" She asks, the boy quickly turns around with wide eyes. "What on earth are you doing?" She asks her brother as she walks into the room, closing the door behind her.

"I-I'm just going to practice some airbending!" He says nervously as he steps off the window seal.
"At this hour?" She asks, not believing him in the slightest.
"Yep!" He says with a big smile. She looks at him confused, shaking her head she looks around his room. She spots a piece of paper on his bed, she sighs as she walks over to it. Aang quickly jumps in front of her and blocks her from the note.
"What is that? What are you hiding?" She asks with a slight glare.

"Nothing. I-It's just a drawing I drew," He says with a nervous laugh. Elua stares at him for a moment, he had a look in his eyes, it was a look of sad and nervous. Using her bending she sends his shirt over his head, he yelps as he tries to untangle from his shirt. Elua grabs the note and opens it as Aang untangles his shirt.
"Wait, Elua!" He shouts as he tries to reach the note, Elua places her hand on his chest and keeps him away from her as she reads the note, her face falls into sadness and shock. Aang sighs as he looks at her in shame.

"...You're running away?" She asks him as she looks over to her little brother. "I know you don't want to be the Avatar but, you can't just run away! We need you, Aang," Elua tells him.
"No, you don't. They have you, they don't need me," He states.
"That is ridiculous. I can't go into the Avatar state, it's not my job to protect the world, I am here to protect and guide you," She says, raising her voice in the slightest bit.
"I don't want to be the Avatar!" He shouts in anger. Elua looks at him sadly.
"I know, but no Avatar gets to choose that," She tells him. Aang walks back over to the window.

"I'm not cut out for this, Elua," He says sadly.
"Yes, you are. The monks shouldn't have told you at such a young age, but they had to," She states.
"I'm sorry, Elua. I have to leave," He says as he jumps out the window and uses his airbending to land softly on the ground. Elua looks down and sees him getting on his flying bison, Appa. She rushes out of the room and runs to her room, she opens the door, grabs her glider and runs back out. She runs out onto the courtyard and sees Appa flying away, Aang on his back.

She opens her glider and backs up a little, she begins to run at the cliffside. She jumps off, opens her glider and begins to fly towards the bison. She catches up to them and lands softly on Appa's back, Aang turns around and groans as he sees his sister.
"I'm not going back there," He tells her angrily.
"Okay," Elua says as she sits down, her legs crossed.
"'Okay?'" He asks her confused. "You're not going to make me go back?" He asks her.
"You're the Avatar, I can't make you do anything," She says calmly.

Aang looks at her for a moment before he turns around and looks at the dark horizon.
"Where do you plan to go?" Elua asks him.
"I don't know. Maybe we can go to the Fire Nation," Aang says shrugging. Elua's face turns to worry.
"How about we go visit Bumi instead?" She asks him.
"Sure," Aang says. "But, don't you want to go see-" Aang begins to say.
"No," Elua cuts him off. "Let's go see Bumi," She says with a fake smile. Suddenly the sound of thunder flies through the air, it begins to pour down rain and the wind picks up.

They both look up at the very dark clouds. They continue to fly, the ocean raging as the storm picks up.
"...Aang, we should turn back," Elua says as the storm continues to get worse.
"No, I'm not going back!" He yells over the wind.
"Aang, this storm will get dangerous!" She shouts back.
"I'm not going back!" He shouts again. Suddenly a giant wave begins to roll towards them, Appa begins to fly higher, and higher.
"Aang!" Elua shouts as the wave takes them down, sending them into the raging ocean. Elua tries to swim up but another wave sends her down. Being deprived of oxygen and in such cold water for too long, her vision begins to fade. Her eyes slowly begin to shut, the last thing she sees is her brother going into the Avatar state, and then, blackness.

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