Chapter 1

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Authors note: Thank you for reading! It means so much to me that people are actually reading my story.

This story may involve some inappropriate content, nothing graphic, just mentioning certain content every once in a while.

Thanks again for reading. ❤💗💕

"SHUT UP YOU MOTHERFUCKING BITCH!!" My mother screamed. I could feel the tears streaming down my face. Her hand raised and I braced for impact. Her hand slammed against my already throbbing cheek.

"I'm s-s-orry," I stuttered, "Please, please stop." She released her grasp on me and I scampered away, and went to cower in the corner.

She looked at me with pure duiscust and hatred. It was clear that she loathed me.

It was hard to believe that this drunk, abusive woman standing in front of me was my own mother. Truth be told, I was terrified of her.

Actually, terrified was a underdtatement, I would describe my feelings towards her more as me being petrified and her enjoying my pain.

Wait, didn't that make my mum a sadist?

I'm living with a fucking sadist.

The thought of that brought yet another tear to my eye.

This had being going on for weeks, her yelling at me for no reason at all, her slamming me against walls and countertops, I had more scars and bruises on me than I could count.

I wiped a mixture of tears and blood of my cheek, I then grimaced at the distinct taste of blood in my mouth.

"Mum..." My voice trailed of, afraid to talk to this woman that was supposed to care for me.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT, YOU SLUT?" She writhed with anger.

"I..I was just wandering if I..I could.." She silenced me by pressing her fingers to my lips.


"Come here, baby.." she beconed for me to come towards her. I was used to this. One minute she was calling me a Bitch and the next I was her little princess.

"Mummy.." I crawled into her arms, completely forgetting the fact that a minute ago she was the one abusing me.

She cried, my mum cried until it felt she had no tears left to cry. She cried, and cried. I really didn't understand this woman.

I didn't know Whether to love her of hate her. She clearly was going through some sort of mid life crisis or she suddenly decided to embrace her inner sadist or something like that.

Her phone buzzed. She was always texting someone, she never had enough time for me. Well she did technically, but just in the wrong way. She slipped away into her room and sound like she was on the phone to someone, overflowing with curiosity, I pressed my ear against her door.

"Please, I'm begging you, don't make me do this to my little princess."

"Mrs. Dudding, please remind yourself what you are going this for." I heard a second voice say.

"I shouldn't be doing this;" I heard my mother plead, " I shouldn't be abusing my little Kassie."

She ended the call, sobbing with tears.
Then without emerging from her room, she whispered "Kassie, go get the bus to school sweetie" she sighed, "Remember, I will always love you, with all my heart."

As I stepped out of our red brick house, my school bag hanging of my shoulders, I felt relived. I would literally do anything to get away from that woman. Anything.

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