Chapter 11: Andrew

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"Whoa. You're smiling."

Andrew jumped a little as Haylee sat down at his lonely lunch table. Today she was wearing a purple dress with a little black cardigan and a purple headband. She had a lunch packed up in an insulated lunch bag, and started unloading a series of little square Tupperware containers.

"No I'm not," Andrew said, scowling at her. Without Cody at lunch, Andrew had been happy to stare across the cafeteria, waiting for Ryan to look at him. It had happened once yesterday, and he'd been lucky Cody was already asleep on the table because Andrew had found himself blushing and grinning like an idiot. He had basically hid behind his book for the rest of lunch, afraid for it to happen again.

"You were." Inside of one of the Tupperwares was a neat row of sushi. Haylee removed a pair of chopsticks from her bag and popped a sushi roll into her mouth. Then she noticed Andrew staring. "What?" she asked when she had swallowed.

"I've never seen anyone bring sushi in for lunch," he said.

"Have you ever tried it?"

"Yeah. My mom took a class and she makes it sometimes."

"Really? That's cool. I learned off Youtube."

Andrew wasn't sure what else to say, so he glanced back over at the football players' table. Ryan hadn't looked up yet. They all seemed to be having quite the lively conversation.

"Don't tell me you're hung up on Nina, too," Haylee said.

"No." The answer came out harsh. Then Andrew stopped. "Wait--"

"Yeah, I know Cody likes her." Haylee poked at her sushi. Then she snapped, "But she has a boyfriend! Geez."

"I know," Andrew said sympathetically. "I told him the same thing."

"And what did he say?" Haylee asked.

What, was he supposed to tell her Cody thought she was annoying? He shrugged. "He still thinks he has a shot with her."

"Ugh. Boys."

Andrew shrugged and looked back over at Ryan. He wished Ryan would just look at him. Even if he could catch Ryan in the act of looking away.

He supposed it wasn't fair to expect Ryan to want to walk around school holding hands or whatever. Neither of them had even admitted anything out loud the other night. But Andrew couldn't imagine that Ryan didn't feel the same way. It was like an electric wire between them whenever they looked at each other.

So why wasn't Ryan looking at him?

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