Chapter 39: An Yize Used To Like Someone

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An Yize used to like someone.

A lot.

Ji Mingfei once told him, “Yize, Ji Yan is your predestined calamity.”

An Yize knew this, but everybody had at least one point in their lives where they were obstinate in the face of reality.

The one time in An Yize’s life where he was obstinate in the face of reality was Ji Yan.


An Yize still remembered his first meeting with Ji Yan.

It was at his oldest brother’s birthday banquet. Many guests, including adult and children, attended the banquet. It was very lively.

But that day, he wasn’t happy at all.

That was because he had just fought with his second older brother. He, who wasn’t very good with words, was utterly and completely defeated by his second brother.

The ten-year-old third master An didn’t have his current, strong disposition so he sorrowfully ran into the corner of the garden, hiding his red eyes.

Right at his lowest point, a warm voice rang out: “What’s wrong?”


When An Yize looked up in surprise, a face as beautiful as the voice appeared in his sight.

The thirteen-year-old Ji Yan who had already blossomed into a young lady looked at him with a face full of concern.

An Yize looked at her guardedly. “Who are you?”

Ji Yan crouched lower with a smile and glitters like stars in her eyes.

“My name is Ji Yan.”


Afterwards, An Yize learned from his well-informed second brother of the gentle, older sister’s identity.

Ji Yan was the second miss of the Ji family, but Ji Yan was not related to the Ji family as she came with her mother who had remarried into the Ji family. Then, her last name was changed to Ji.

The Ji family and the An family got along well. So later on, An Yize had many chances to see Ji Yan.

Ji Yan was beautiful and kind-natured. After their first meeting, she looked after An Yize a lot.  An Yize, who had two elder brothers that weren’t that great at looking after people, he naturally fell for this gentler older sister.

Furthermore, the two of them went to the same school.

His elementary school was near her middle school so he frequently went to see her. Sometimes she knew. Sometimes she didn’t.

Later on, he was in middle school as she entered high school. The high school was a bit far from the middle school so he specially bought a bicycle and would go over to see her whenever he had time.

Even her good friends started recognizing him. Whenever they saw him they would smile. “Ji Yan, that younger brother of yours is here again!”

Ji Yan just smiled helplessly as she softly reproached, “Xiao Ze, you’ll tire yourself out running here all the time. In the future, don’t do it anymore.”

An Yize was happy in his heart, but he displayed a false cool expression that was exclusive to teenagers: “I like running!”


Later on, she went to college in another city.

High schooler An Yize started to secretly plan to test into that city’s college.

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