Chapter 38: I Like You The Most...

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When An Yize opened the door to the private room, he was blasted by a burst of music.

“In this world, only mama is the best. Children with moms are like treasures. When I throw myself into mama’s embrace, my happiness is never ending.”

It was a song everyone knew, but the singer sang it with… utmost brutality.

It was the first time that worldly president An had ever listened to someone who had the power to sing this song in such a way that the composer would be hard-pressed to recognize it.

An Yize just frowned at first, but when he recognized that the person holding the mic while singing earnestly was a figure he was extremely familiar with, he couldn’t help but be dumbstruck.

Su Jian was still tearfully and tragically singing, “In this world, only mama is best. Motherless children are like weeds. Leaving mom’s embrace, where can I find happiness…”

The roomful of people listening to the song all displayed “I’m drunk too” expressions.

When she saw An Yize enter, An Yirou immediately greeted him. “Third brother!”

An Yize calmly responded, “What’s going on here?”

An Yirou glanced awkwardly at Su Jian. “We just drank some beer, but I would never have thought that third sister-in-law would get drunk after drinking a little bit.”

Su Jian was already emotional from seeing Su Jie, but when he saw his own picture on the wallpaper of Su Jie’s phone, a wave of sentiment, longing, and sorrow surged up. But he also clearly knew that it was impossible for him to confess his real identity to Su Jie. He also didn’t dare have too much interaction with Su Jie. He died in the same car accident as Su-girly. Their names were even the same, and he had amnesia. It wouldn’t be impossible to uncover each of these things if anyone had the slightest suspicion. He didn’t know if he’d ever tell anyone close to him the secret of his rebirth, but right now he wouldn’t. After all, this matter wasn’t just related to him as it involved several families. Also, the truth was too strange, not everyone could accept it. He didn’t want to take that chance.

It was just that it wasn’t that easy to suppress the feelings of missing family. He was able to be halfway at ease after finding out his parents were doing well, but he still heart achingly missed his parents and little brother. He was depressed but wasn’t able to announce it to the world. Thus, when the crowd of young people started drinking some beer to liven things up, he didn’t object. His alcohol tolerance wasn’t the best in the past, but a few bottles of beers weren’t a problem, so he didn’t think much of it. What he didn’t realize was that Su-girly’s body was the type to get drunk easily so when Su Jian drank two big glasses of beer, he was past the point of no return.

Unexpectedly, the drunken Su Jian didn’t make a fuss and remained obediently seated. He only hogged the mic and wouldn’t let go. His singing skills were unable to be complimented on. Every song’s melody could be distorted to the heavens. Thus, a roomful of people could only suffer in the midst of happiness — suffering because of the demonic sounds piercing their ears, happy because of being able see a beauty earnestly singing and earnestly going off-tune.

At first, An Yirou didn’t notice that something was off about Su Jian. She only noticed when Su Jian selected a long string of strange songs and started singing her heart out.

An Yirou urged, “Third sister-in-law, do you want to eat something?”

Su Jian hugged the mic tightly and shook his head like a drum-shaped rattle. “No, let me first sing a song to calm down…”

An Yirou: “……”

Zhou Hai came over and said, “Beauty, see you singing by yourself looks so lonesome. Why don’t you let me sing a few songs?”

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