Chapter 36: Ah Jie, You Are Finally Here!

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Knowing that An Yize had a nosebleed, Su Jian’s first reaction was to have a good laugh.

Hahaha, An Yize, to think that you will also have a day like this! Su Jian felt that it was a pity he could not see that scene.

However, Su Jian’s mood became gentle knowing the reason for An Yize’s nosebleed.

The weather was hot, so it was easy to get heaty[1]. Having a nosebleed was nothing to be surprised of. However, thinking about the time when An Yize’s nosebleed occurred, this reason would seem dubious.

Back at home, when the two of them were in their room, Su Jian stared at An Yize and studied him carefully. An Yize furrowed his brows. “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian said sincerely, “Yize, it really was my misunderstanding earlier. You are indeed not a homosexual.”

An Yize: “……”

Till evening, An Yize did not speak to Su Jian at all.

However, Su Jian did not mind it. Additionally, he even specially asked the cook to prepare some cooling food[2] for him.

No matter what, An Yize took care of him every day. First, An Yize brought him to watch a movie. Today, An Yize bought him clothes and an aircraft carrier model. An Yize also bought him an anime figurine. He was not someone that did not know how to show gratitude. He should at least show his care for An Yize.

Hence, during their meal, the family saw a scene that was different from their normal days. Normally, it was usually An Yize silently placing food into Su Jian’s bowl and Su Jian was in charge of eating happily. Whereas today, it was vice versa. Su Jian placed a large piece of bitter gourd into An Yize’s bowl and said enthusiastically, “Yize, eat more of this. Your body today is too heaty, you need to balance it out! I once heard that heatiness can be caused by spleen and kidney deficiency[3]. You have to take care of your body!”

An Yize’s anger cooled down, but it brought down the surrounding temperature as well. With a straight face, he didn’t speak to Su Jian for the whole night.

However, no matter how suffocated An Yize felt, Su Jian was not affected at all. He was happily playing with the aircraft carrier model An Yize had bought for him.

One night passed. In the morning, An Yize’s feeling of suffocation dissipated when he saw the girl sleeping sweetly in his embrace. He silently looked at the sleeping person in his arms. Pulling the person closer into his embrace, he closed his eyes again.

Only when the person made a movement did An Yize opened his eyes again.

Su Jian saw him wake up and greeted him with sleepy eyes. “Good morning…”

“Good morning.” An Yize sat himself up.

Su Jian rested his head on his chest and wouldn’t move away. “I don’t feel like getting off the bed…”

Hearing the blurry and soft whisper, An Yize’s voice unconsciously got gentler, “Then sleep for a while more?”

“I can’t…” Su Jian muttered blurrily, “I’m hungry…”

An Yize lost his smile. He looked up at the aircraft carrier that was placed neatly on the carpet beside the bed. He knitted his brows and sighed, “Do you like it that much?” Hugging and playing with it for the whole night, he couldn’t even tell just who was ignoring who.

“What?” Su Jian opened his eyes lazily.

“Model.” An Yize lifted his hand to rub his hair. “This is the first time I’ve seen a girl liking such a thing.”

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