Chapter 7

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The intention

I got ready and came out of my house only to find Mr jerk. standing right there in front of my house. This time with a Lykan Hypersport car by his side.

What does he want now?? I sighed and went to him

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What does he want now?? I sighed and went to him. He grinned on seeing me and said, " Ayesha, how are you? I hope you enjoyed last night. Where are you up to now? "

He asked showing his pearly white teeth. " I am going to the nearby orphanage", I replied.

"Hmm... seems good. So I will be the one dropping you there and it's a kind of decided. So you have no say in it. " He replied, a kind of ordering me.

" Don't trouble yourself. I can definitely go in a taxi. Anyways, I am used to it. So thanks for the offer. " I replied smilingly. I seriously don't want to take up any favour from this guy. Then I made my way to go the main road.

But then instantly, I collided with something hard. Ahh!! This guy he stood in front of me blocking my way. He's definitely a well built type of guy.

" You're not going anywhere. I will drop you wherever you want. " He replied with gritted teeth.

" I have to go the nearby market also before visiting the orphanage. I mean is that okay with you??"I said.

" It's OK. Now come on, get into the car." He said while going to the driver side of the car. I seriously didn't want to go with him or take any favour from him. But for now, it was the best to leave with him.

If I won't go with him then I am afraid that he will create a scene here and if that happens then Shaila mom will definitely come out and thrash him black and blue.

I sat in his another luxurious car. During all these time his gaze was fixed upon me only. But I did not respond to him. During the drive my eyes were fixed on the road only. While Mr jerk was looking on the road and sometimes on me as well.

" I am sorry for forcing you to come with me. But it's just that I feel very guilty for my actions and thus I want to help you in every way possible. "

Really?? "Hmm" is all I replied. Then we reached the market place. I went to a shop and ordered 50 boxes of palmer face paint. When I gave the order Mr jerk looked at me quite shockingly and when I gave him a " what " type of look, he just shook his head.

I took my order and then came out of the shop. " What are you gonna do with so many painting items?" He asked me as if trying to figure out my action.

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