Chapter 5

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"SHIT! Mirae, I literally forgot to do the History essay!" Eyes wide in shock, Yumi was screaming on our way to the breakfast table.

I rolled me eyes at her. This is becoming a routine now. Her forgetting her homework and then me helping her with it at the last moment. I sighed facing her.

"Our class is at 2:00. You can still go to the library and gather some stuff, you know." I smiled reminding her the fact that she was already aware of.

"Why do I need to go to the library when my own best friend is a walking dictionary!!" She cheekily grinned at me. Of course, I knew it was coming. 

"Please, Mirae, please! I begging you!" She clasped her hands together, closed her eyes and pouted.

"Oh come on, you should have thought of that when you were hanging out with your boyfriend."

"But I forget everything when I'm with him!" She whined. I gave her a weird questioning look. "Don't worry, you'll understand when you get one yourself." She asured me.

"Yeah right." I rolled my eyes, ruffling my bag to get my essay and handed it to her.

"Don't make it too obvious that you've copied me."

"Sure, thanks, I love you!" She kissed me on the cheek and hugged me. Oh god. this girl is such a drama. But my favorite drama.

We entered the hall and made our way towards the breakfast table. Yumi picked up the newspaper and read the headline loudly which made me frown:

'Kim Young Min arrested for harassment with an office secretary." Continue reading at pg.13

"Wow! This guy is insane!" Yumi exclaimed. The trio who were sitting just beside us stopped talking and became silent. Yumi's cry gathered the attention of our classmates around us.

"Literally, such people should immediately be placed behind the bars!" Eunmi, our roommate declared.

"First that accident when he was drunk, then drug dealing and now harassment!??" Her twin cried out.

"It's a relief he's finally arrested." Andrew said.

This guy wasn't someone ordinary person committing crimes. He was a wealthy man and I had seen his face in the newspapers previously too, inaugurating some library or investing in Art galleries and noble stuff like that. But, he was misusing his money.

I stole a glance at the trio who was strangely quiet. Usually they always had an opinion on such matters. But Chanyeol and Baekhyun were suspiciously looking at each other like as if having a silent conversation and Junmyun...he was clenching his fist, staring at his untouched plate with a grim expression. I lightly touched his shoulder and flinched as if he just woke up.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"Nothing. I think I forgot something in the common room. I'll go get it." With that he rushed from the table still avoiding my eyes. I turned to his friends for an explanation and they just shrugged. What's wrong with them?

Our First lesson after recess was Practical Chemistry and we were gathered in the spacious laboratory. Everyone except Junmyun.

"Since this experiment is a particularly difficult one, so I suggest that you form pairs."

I rolled my eyes and instantly moved towards Yumi but Madame Jung spoke up: "Miss Jung Yumi and Mr. Warren." Yumi grinned at her boyfriend in delight. "Miss Mirae and "Mr. Chanyeol" Wow, Is she out of her mind? This is some cruel joke, right? She is literally calling for disaster. She kept on calling names and students started to stand in pairs.

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