He Apologizes

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After what happened in the BDSM Video yesterday, I haven't gotten text from any of the guys and I'm a little worried. Whatever anyway I have work today and I wanted to wear something casual.

I walk in to work, coffee in hand and I get surprised by the one and only, Keith. "Hey at 1pm I need you to come to the Try Guys shoot" "Oh um ok?" I say.

"Heeey" Saf says, Freddy comes after, just catching up to her

"Hi um I think I wanna leave BuzzFeed" I say, solemnly

"Whaaat? It's your first week here" Jen says butting in, along with the rest of ladylike

"yeah, too much heartbreak here"

"Oh, ok we understand" Freddy said

"Yeah, I'll go to the boss's office tomorrow"

"Ok let's get back to work!" Kristen says happily

~time skip~

It's 1pm "Guys I have to go, Keith told me to meet him"

"Ok, bye" Saf says

I meet Keith in the shoot, along with the other Try Guys. "Hey wha--" I get cut off by Eugene kissing me. My eyes widened, then I melt into the kiss. We end after about 30 seconds.

"What was that?" I ask

"I wanted to say sorry...again" Eugene says "I was wrong to do that, I told the girl we were just friends. You know, we never even kissed"

"Oh, ok. Fogiven."

"Just like that?" Ned asks

"Sure, I'm leaving BuzzFeed anyway"

"Oh about that..." Eugene says


"We're leaving too, were starting our own channel" Zach announces

"That's cool!" I say

"Yeah, we resign tomorrow"  Ned tells me

"Me too"

"Oh! Let's resign together" Says Eugene


A/N: sorry for the short chapter but I really need to stop. This was rushed, sorry also I just really wanted to patch things up with Eugene and Y/N

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