Imani's P.O.V

I felt someone lay on top of me and cocked my legs open. I squeezed my legs shut and grunted.

"Babygirl wake up" someone whispered in my ear.

I rolled over and put a pillow over my face. It was immediately knocked off.

"Babe wake up" the person whispered again.

They began to rub their hand up and down my exposed thigh turning me on a little bit. I bit my lip and heard a quiet snicker. Their very touch made me weak and sent tingles up my spine. There was only one person who could do that. Diggy. I smiled on the inside but kept my eyes closed to see how far he would go to wake me up.

"Babygirl wake up" he whispered once more planting kisses on my neck.

It was now two days before my eighteenth birthday and I was too excited for words. We were in my home town of Charlotte, North Carolina staying at this really nice hotel with the boys, Jazzy, my other friend Nakia, and Laqueeda. My mom payed for it and planned to take us on a Girls Day Out tomorrow. Full of shopping, nails, toes, hair, massages, facials, and movies. I was excited about what my friends and family had planned for me for the exact day - 'cause no one would tell me - but even more so about what Diggy had planned for me. He always did it big when it came to my birthday, but now I was his girl friend and I was very eager to know what he had planned this year. He didn't say much about it and that made me really nervous. He didn't even tell me when or if he was coming to see me. I got only two early birthday gifts so far and they were pretty good and very much appreciated. Kiesha and Perry set up the tour to have a seven day break around my birthday - today being the first day off - and something from my dad today that I hadn't received yet.

"Babygirl let me see those eyes" he whispered running his hand up my back.

I popped my eyes open and saw Diggy hovering over me with me in between his legs and his chain dangling in my face. I pushed it out of my face and pulled the covers over my head.

"You're not happy to see me?" he asked trying to pull the covers from me.

I remained silent and he ripped the covers off of me and began to kiss my neck squeezing himself in between my legs.

"Alright alright! Don't start none you can't finish!" I hollered.

He pulled away with a smile on his face and rolled off of me.

"What time is it?" I asked covering my eyes with my hand.

"It's eight o'clock" he answered. "Babe you're supposed to be so happy right now"

"I am happy to see you boo" I replied.

I uncovered my face and looked over at him. He was staring at me with those dark brown eyes that I've always loved and I smiled. I reached for his hand and he took it entwining his fingers with mine. He leaned over and pecked my forehead sending me into a smiling frenzy.

"How'd you get in here?" I asked.

"Ms Jay had a key" he answered.

I rolled my eyes and fixed my bra.

"What're you doing here!?" I finally squealed.

"I'm here to see my birthday princess" he replied.

"Awww" I coo-ed. "So what do you have planned for me today?"

"Can't tell you just yet" he said squeezing my hand.

I rolled my eyes and threw a mini temper tantrum.

"Well how 'bout you get into that over there and meet me down stairs in the lobby. Your dad has something to show you" he said pointing at two shopping bags and a shoe box sitting on top of my luggage. "Then around nine or ten i'll take you out"

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