Chapter 12

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I had to answer, there was simply no choice in the matter. Peter sat us up and I reached for the phone, bringing it to my ear as Peter stayed silent. "How did last night go?" Viktor demanded. He was asking about the Templar but my mind wandered to how I had slept in Peter's arms. My eyes met Peter's as I answered, "Perfectly." Peter's eyes softened and he reached out to pull me onto his lap, leaning back against the headboard to hold me while I talked with Viktor. "Were you able to dispose of the body, then?" "Yes. I had a local source on where to hide the bodies that will shortly be piling up. One down." "You will go out again tonight." It was a command, not a question. "Yes, Viktor."

I closed my eyes as Peter's gentle hold tightened a little. "Very good, my little minx. You followed my instructions?" He was referring to not 'playing with my food.' "Yes." "Good. Never forget that you are mine, Sasha." I could feel Peter tense below me, working hard to hold back a growl that threatened to escape. I looked at him and put a finger to his lips. I didn't reply to Viktor. I just waited to see if he would say anything else. "Report in earlier next time." I looked at the clock and it was almost 11am. I had lost track of time with Peter. "Yes, Viktor." The line went dead and I set the phone back down on the night stand.

I released a heavy, frustrated sigh and lay down on Peter's bare chest. My heart was aching. I hugged Peter and he hugged me back. "What instructions did you follow?" I sighed and sat up to look at him, getting an ironic smile on my lips. "He instructed me not to 'play with my food,' if you will." His mischievous look returned and he pulled me to his lips, savoring me. I ran a hand down his torso to his waistband and then back up, actually making him growl lightly. His hands began gathering my nightgown up to pull it up over my head when another interruption sounded with a knocking on my door. I heaved another impatient sigh. Peter groaned, letting his head drop back against the headboard, thunking, as he pouted. I laughed at him before getting up to go see who was at the door.

I opened the door only wide enough for half of my body. Drogo stood there, smoldering at me. "Yes?" I asked with a little sass. "Need something?" His eyes sparkled at my question and he moved up closer. "Well I came to see if you knew where Peter was because I needed to confirm if we were going out tonight or not, but if you're offering something else I'll bite." His eyes traveled down my nightgown, returning to my face with a suggestive eyebrow raised. I glared at him for a moment, before an evil grin spread across my face. In his mind he thought I might actually be taking him up on his proposition, before I stepped back, opening the door wide enough for him to catch sight of a half naked Peter lounging on my bed.

Drogo's chin dropped a snitch in shock and then he pushed in the room, snarling at his brother as much as at me. I shut the door with a self-satisfied smile on my lips. Nothing could have goaded Drogo more and I hadn't even planned it. Peter remained impassive at first. "You get on my case for kissing her at the bar and then this?" Drogo almost shouted at him. Peter couldn't help looking away from his brother, going a little pink, biting his lower lip. I walked up to Drogo and got in front of him, poking a sharp finger in his chest. "Leave Peter alone. He came to me when I was screaming from a nightmare and comforted me; he didn't interrupt me during bloodlust to steal some kisses."

Drogo's look smoldered with desire and he reached out to pull me up against him. "And just how much comforting did he provide you with?" Peter's chagrin turned to irritation. "Almost enough, but you interrupted us," was my bold, taunting answer. I purposely breathed into Drogo's face so he would smell Peter's blood on my breath; Drogo was irritating me. He looked at Peter's neck pointedly and snarled. I made a sound of amusement and pushed him away from me, even if his touch caused flames to lick up in my body. "Go pick up your kicks from that bar you're going to tonight, Drogo." "Like you did with that Templar last night?" I saw Peter react slightly to that.

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