chapter 20

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"I confessed to a girl."

This wasn't a big deal for you, you were wearing a blank expression. However, deep inside, you had this gut feeling. You have this certain feeling inside you that... 

... maybe the girl was you?

You've read various comics and fanfictions where the guy will tell his best friend he likes a girl and the girl he was actually talking about was his best friend. So you've been thinking, if this was the same moment like in those fantasies?

You then remembered the times Adrien flirted with you, when he held your hand countless of times, when he caught you, when he smiled at you... 

You blushed, the faint color quite evident, but you tried to hide it. 

"Who is it?" You managed to reply. 

"Well," Adrien rubbed the back of his neck. "She's in our class..."

You nodded, begging him to continue. "Do I know her?"


This was it, you know how the comic ends. The girl asks him if she knows the girl he was talking about, when it was her all along. "Who..." you looked at him in the eye. "Who is she?"

"Guess who." That was all Adrien said. You deadpanned and thought about it. You suddenly had another gut feeling. What if it was Alya all along? You mean, she and Adrien get to hang out together all the time. They were always talking in discreet, and secretly converse when Marinette is gone. Maybe it was Alya? You had to guess.

"... Alya?"

Adrien immediately grunted. "Uh, obviously, no!" He chuckled, just as you breathed in relief. "She already has a boyfriend, haha. You have to guess again, Y/N!"

You looked downwards and thought for a second. You let out a quiet, nervous sigh. Maybe... just maybe... it was the blue bell-haired girl? After a moment, you slowly looked at Adrien in the eye. With a tight throat and heart, you stuttered, "Is it... is it Marinette?"

Adrien, who was just smiling in the distance, suddenly snapped back at you. 

"H-how did you know?"

Your heart tightened more than ever. You can't breathe properly. You stayed in your position as he just looked at you intently. 

"How did you know?" He repeated. 

You tried to compose yourself. "I... of course, I know. I can see your every movements. Like, everytime Marinette would come into class, you'd stare at her for hours... and when you talk to her, you always have this stupid blush on your face."

When you finished, Adrien wore a defeated expression. "It's that obvious?" He slumped back on the chair and sighed heavily. 

"I think so, though I don't think Mari would notice," you reassured him, your heart still aching. 

He went quiet, making you quiet as well. You can't ignore your heart beating quickly, you can't control it. Then, 


"Huh?" You responded. 

Adrien gave you a small hopeful smile. "Do you think I have a chance on her?"


"Of course you do. You're the Adrien Agreste! Almost everyone in the school is head over heels for you!"

That caused Adrien to laugh a little, but it turned into a frown once more. "But... I want her to see me as the real me, you know?" He sighed, placing his cup down. "I don't want her to like me just because I'm handsome."

"Well, you're not just handsome, you know." You looked away. "You're sweet, kind, friendly, trustworthy, and all-in-all the greatest friend everyone could've asked for." You glanced at him and saw that he is smiling gratefully at you. You blushed. "W-well that's just my opinion, okay, it doesn't mean that it's true!

He smirked. "I appreciate the compliments, Y/N, but it sounds like you have a crush on me or something."

"What?! Ew, no!" You scrunched your nose in disgust. "Why would you think that?" 

Adrien just laughed. 

For a moment, the both of you basked in silence while waiting for the snow to stop. You folded your hands on your stomach, whereas Adrien hugged himself. Maybe the heater didn't provide enough heat. 

You were just closing your eyes when you suddenly felt more weight on your side. 

You open your eyes and felt Adrien wrapping his arms around you. You didn't move. You couldn't move. You were frozen. 

You slowly moved your mouth as you asked a simple question. "Were you cold?" 

"Not anymore."

And with that, your heart almost stopped. You were blushing madly, that Adrien's probably enjoying the heat coming out of your redden face. Luckily, he didn't see it, making you sigh in relief. 

You wanted to take a nap before, but now, you couldn't seem to sleep. You were aware of his hand on your shoulder and the other around your stomach where your palms were. 

Your rigid body was now calmer, as you leaned your head to his. You felt how warmed it was beside him; it's really comforting to be in this position as the snow began to leisurely cease. 

You heard his even breathing, which means he's asleep. So, you grabbed his wrist gently and tried to vpry him off of you, but you discontinued when you took a look at his hand. 

It looked soft, and warm. 

With your other free hand, you slowly reached for it. 

Sure, you've touched his hand before, but it meant nothing to you. 

Now, with your heart beating 300 miles per hour, it felt like it was something more. It felt different. Good different. 

You felt his fingers one by one, until it ended on his palm. You slid your fingers into his until it was perfectly fit with each other. Your hand immediately felt warmth, and it sent a good, no, great feeling. 

Then, you've come to a sudden realization.

I like him.

I like.

Adrien Agreste.  

My best friend.




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