Chapter 18

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Aida POV

I feel as though I am floating in space. I am not aware of anything around me, beneath me or above me. I am aware only of a distant beeping sound, an annoying constant beep.
But that is all. Am I dead? Is this an afterlife? Crap. Well, if I'm dead that's pretty disappointing.

I don't really have a highlight reel to look back on and smile about. I think the last few days of my life may have actually been the best. Meeting Argent. He was so special. If ever there was a chance in my life that someone was going to be something to me, I think it may have been him.

Wow. My life sucked.

What even happened? I try to recall the last thing I can remember actually happening. I was in the lab. With a girl, Argents sister. And there was blood. I lost a lot of blood. And that's all I can remember.

It's dark. Are my eyes closed? Or is this heaven just perpetually black? And what is that irritating constant beep noise? Maybe if I try to open my eyes?

I feel something happening. I try to flicker my eye lids open but they feel stuck together. Suddenly I am aware of something warm on my hand. A soft buzz running between the warm thing and me.

I know this feeling. This is what happens when I touch Argent. I may not be dead.

I try to open my eyes again. This time I see small fragments of light filter in. I slow the blinking down and just work on keeping them open for short periods of time until they feel less dry and sore.

Finally I can start to make out my surroundings.
In the dimly lit room I can make out a small hospital setting. A few beds, two on each side of the room, the girl from the lab laying beside me, a man at a desk and two sleeping men.

One of them is Argent, holding my hand.

I feel myself try to smile. But my face feels dry and stiff. I move my hand in his just a little and he startles awake. He stares at me. And the most beautiful smile breaks across his face. His eyes are moist.

He leans over me and kisses my hand.

If I was not laying down on his bed I would have fallen over. The spark that his gentle kiss sent through my entire being was electric. If I do indeed die today, my life just jumped up a whole notch!

He calls out to the man sleeping at the desk.

"Marcus, she is awake!"

The man called Marcus looks up and smiles. He comes over to my bedside and places his hand on my head and then on the inside of my wrist. He looks over the monitors that are attached to various cords running along my body. He smiles at Argent, apparently happy with what he has noted.

"You gave us quite a scare Miss Aidalyn. I'm glad to finally meet you."

I try to say something in return but my throat is dry. He just nods and goes to get a jug from his desk. He puts a small amount of water into a cup and digs around in the bedside table next to me for something . He finds a straw and places it in the cup for me.

"Slowly at first hun, you have had a big night."

I nod and take a small sip of the cool water.
That might just be the best thing I have ever tasted.
He smiles and takes another look at the monitors and walks back to the desk, taking a quick glance over at the bed next to me.

I watch Argent as he follows the doctors glance.

"Is she, is she going to be ok?"

I whisper to Argent. My throat is so sore. What happened to me ? To us?

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