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My hands flew to my mouth as I gasped upon seeing his face. I was so surprised because despite the rage written all over it, he looked very handsome and his disheveled hair was making it harder for me to look away. And it was probably my exaggerated reaction that caused the annoyance on his face instantly changing to panic. His body jerked as he hurriedly turned around to retrieve his hat from the ground and didn't waste any time to put it back on before tilting his head down.

That's weird. I suddenly sensed that he was trying to hide his face. Was it a mistake that I saw his face? I don't know but it somehow felt that way.

"A-are you okay?" I hesitated.

He didn't answer, totally ignoring me as he stood and immediately made a few steps away from me. I watched him carefully as I also got up. Why had he become so tensed suddenly? Was he that hurt because of our collision? I threw him a scrutinizing look as I searched him from head to toe then my eyes stopped on his right hand. It was bleeding. He must have used it as support when he landed on the ground or it must've hit a stone or something sharp. I looked at the area where we landed and saw several small, pointy rocks. I flinched imagining how much it hurt. I got worried so I absent mindedly walked towards him but as soon as he saw me moved, he made hasty steps backwards to avoid me.

"No." He said, extending his left hand demanding me to stop. "Don't come near me."

My forehead creased as I try to understand his reaction. I just don't quite understand his behavior. He seemed...he's not scared though, I was sure.

"Your hand is bleeding, let me see it." I told him pointing on his right hand.

He lifted his bleeding hand and it seemed like he just realized that he was hurt.

"I'm fine." He announced.

"No, you're not." I insisted as I watched his blood dripping onto the ground.

I don't know how deep the cut was but it was really bothering me. My eyes narrowed as I gazed at him hoping to somehow check his reaction but it was impossible because he was wearing the bucket hat again. Was he perhaps a criminal? If he was, he would've done something bad already right? I debated in my head as I continued to look at him.

"I promise, I won't look at your face. Just...just let me see your hand." I cautiously told him.

When he didn't show any signs of objections, I took the chance to come near him and made hasty steps towards him. The moment I was standing right next to him, I was tempted to look up at his face but I used every ounce of energy I have to stop myself. I shouldn't do it if I wanted him to trust me. I felt him twitched as I carefully reached for his injured hand. For some reasons, I was instantly distracted when I took a closer look at it. However, it was not because of the blood but because of his beautiful hand. I couldn't help but adore it. He has slender fingers with equally beautiful nails. His skin felt so smooth as well, making me a little insecure of my own hands.

Then I heard him clear his throat and my private bubble exploded.

I shook my head as I came to my senses again, feeling a little embarrassed. I did my best to focus on the wound. I was right, there was a cut and it was about two inches though I couldn't really say if it was deep or not. All I knew was that it continued to bleed.

"It must have been one of the rocks." I told him, making sure my eyes don't leave his hand. "We need to stop the bleeding."

"It's not going to kill me." I heard him say as he harshly removed his hand from mine.

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