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This is another installment of the story. I'm glad that you all enjoyed the first part and I hope you will enjoy the story in future too. Will try to update successive parts as soon as I complete them. If you all have some ideas and want to read them you can share it with me. I will include all that in this fiction. I'm little unwell today so won't be able to reply back but I will reply as soon as I can. Till then vote, comment and share this fiction if you enjoyed it.

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Aarohi 💕

That was another call from his fiance Aaliya which Aditya ignored he was surprised and shocked, the shock was such big that it was hard to digest for Aditya. Till evening he was jumping with her excitement of his upcoming engagement and now he was confused how to react anymore. He looked at his phone that was another call from Aaliya his would be wife and he was not in mood to talk with her anymore. He threw his phone aside and switched off his mobile otherside Aaliya Raghav cursed her would be husband who disconnected her call another time and looked at her mother who was freaking out unnecessarily and her father trying to coax her back.

"Can you believe Mani Eeshita is pregnant. She is p.r.e.g.n.a.n.t"

"Yes I know. I heard it many times since we came back to home" Abhimanyu replied with patience and sat on couch finally.

"That's enough Aaliya won't stay with them. They are ridiculous, Raman and Ishita are simply besharam. How can they do something like that? Tell me Aaliya how can Ishita be pregnant?"

"How would I know Mumma? Shayad jaise sab hote hai vaise hi woh bhi....." Aaliya realised her words and looked at her father who started to laugh which made her mother fumed more. Shagun Raghav never liked Raman Kumar Bhalla and Ishita Bhalla since the day she met them, where her husband was great friend of the couple opposite to him she can even stand in his presence. Aaliya still didn't get the reason behind her mother behaviour but all she able to conclude was  conflicts in opinions. Shagun Raghav was a model in her days and always loved attention and media, unlike of her Bhalla Family loved to be more private, despite of big name in hotel industry Raman Bhalla don't prefer to be show off and that's how the first clash happened between the two which is still going between the families.

"Huhh!!!! Woh Raman and Ishita. Jab dekho tab lecture dete rehte hai mujhe aur dekho ab khud ne kya kiya. Ab main bataaungi usko" Abhimanyu eyes popped out hearing the mock threat by his wife he rushed behind her to make her understand otherside Aaliya giggled another time rewinding the entire episode happened today.

She was confused whether she should be angry on her in laws or adore there love? Well being physical intimate is a way to show love but the pregnancy news....... Aaliya laughed aloud imagining her fiance state awed determined to meet him next day.



The posh duplex apartment of Delhi NCR looked exceptionally quite that morning. It was still decorated with beautiful fairy lights and threads of marigold flowers but nobody can say that it was same place where engagement happened a day before. Santhosh Bhalla glanced at her husband who was silently munching his paratha, she kept twocup of ginger tea on dining table and sat beside her husband, next to her husband there granddaughter sat who chose follow her grandparents steps and started to eat her breakfast quietly.

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