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My breath got caught in my throat as my blood suddenly ran cold.


This wasn't happening, no! I ran to the edge of the cliff but quickly stopped as the ground gave away, chunks of dirt and rock falling into the rough ocean. I watched them get swallowed by the waves in horror, my breaths coming in rapid gasps and wheezes.

"NII-CHAN!!!" My already damaged voice sounded raspy as if my vocal cords were sanded down by sandpaper. My eyes widening in hysteria as the canon soar through the sky heading towards the small boat my brother rode.

My arms flew over my eyes as the hot blast of the explosion made my long blonde hair fly back. It felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest, dread slowly seeping into every part of my body making each of my veins icy cold.

When I finally reopened my eyes, the only sight that entered my orbs was my brother's favorite hat drifting in the air before landing into the water. I stared at it in shock, watching as the wave swallowed it until I could no longer see it.

My blue eyes, a trait I got from my mother, grew large as saucers as I saw the wood that was once a boat drift around in the blue water in broken pieces. Barely afloat was a black flag, but that too soon disappeared as the orange flame ate it away, making ashes drift through the air looking like black snowflakes.

It felt like bricks were suddenly laid on top of my chest, my lung not being able to take in oxygen. My hands were shaking, my eyesight getting blurry as black dots appeared in my vision.




"SABO-NII-CHAN!!!!" I screamed as fat salty tears ran down my face, staining my dirtied cheeks that were covered in dirt and ash.

I sucked in a large, choked breath, preparing to scream once more. However, a rough hand seized my shoulder making my sobbing come for a quick stop. With the tears running down my face, I sniffed loudly making the snot that was coming out of my nose disappear.

My eyes harden with hate as I glared up at the fat man, my teeth grinding against each other in anger. With a rough jerk, I released my shoulder, pulling myself away from the man known as my father.

The dark-haired man looked irritated by my action, releasing a snort as he returned my glare. However, I wasn't expecting harsh slap, his hand connecting to my cheek painfully as I gasped, falling to the ground at the impact. "Foolish daughter! Weeping over the ungrateful boy is stupid, it's a good thing he's gone," father mumbled, his eyes drifting to the ocean. The boat had finally sunk down completely.

My father released a sigh as he rubbed his chin, a thoughtful look appearing in his beady eyes. "But now that's he's gone, I need to make sure no one finds out he was my son."

My anger rose at his comment, my fingers curling into a tight fist. Oh, I wished to land a hit on him...

I tore my eyes off the man and looked back at the ocean that took my brother. However, my blue orbs landed on a floating object that makes me suck in a quick breath. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had seen it disappear earlier...

There floating was my brothers signature hat and goggles.

Gasping, I staggered closer to the edge of the cliff to get a better look. But before I could get far, I was forced to an abrupt stop as a hand grabbed my wrist.

"Where do you think you're going, Clementine?" My father harshly questioned as he pulled me back, his fingers digging into my flesh. The slightly tattered dress that I was forced into earlier that morning got caught on my shoes, making the hem rip off and fluttered into the air, getting carried to the massive waves below.

And like the dress, my patience also disappeared, snapping like an aged rope of a bridge. My hands reached under my white knee socks, pulling out a knife my other 'brother' gave to me in the forest. Without hesitation, I lashed at my father making him cry out in shock and pain.

Blood splattered on my face as my small, yet sharp, deadly blade connected to my father's arm, creating a good cut.

As he was distracted with the cut on his arm, his pitiful wail being carried in the warm breeze, I turned around and dash to the edge of the cliff, and without looking back I jumped.

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