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Chapter Two

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"I can't believe she's doing this to us," Jada grumbled, checking her watch for the fifth time.

"I can," Mikayla said in a sing-song voice.

They were hiding out in the dressing room, trying to stay safely away from Ren's rage. They hadn't yet succeeded in reaching Angela, and the tension was running high.

"She's probably hung-over somewhere. Face down in her own vomit." Mikayla swung her legs childishly as she sat in the chair. Jada kicked her foot.

"That's a horrible thing to say."

"It's true. How many times has she shown up here, looking shot to hell, in last night's party dress? The woman is a train wreck. The only reason she gets jobs is because of her dad. She's not like you. Talented. Responsible."

"Alright. You don't have to suck up to me." Jada shot back teasingly.

In reality, she loved having her cousin's unconditional support. The two had been inseparable when they grew up together in Chicago. Only a year apart, they'd grown up attending the same schools and literally living next door to each other. Then Jada had moved out to LA to be an actress, and Mikayla—ever the wanderer—had eventually followed. They'd shacked up together in a decent apartment, and while Mikayla could be flighty with rent and often in-between jobs, her love for Jada never changed. She was Jada's number one cheerleader, and Jada treasured her for that.

"I'm serious. You would be a better lead for this movie. And then you'd get to make out with Tristan Maxwell." Mikayla's eyes went dreamy—like every other woman Jada knew when they spoke the man's name or saw him in person. He was only twenty-six and yet he had achieved superstardom and the ability to bring way too many women to their knees.

Jada, however, refused to be one of those women.

"Not this again."

"I don't get why you won't admit how hot he is! He looks at you too sometimes. You should hit that. Well, if Angela wouldn't kill you afterward."

"I don't date my co-workers." Jada stood by her standard response to Mikayla's badgering.

Jada didn't mix business with pleasure anymore. Not after what happened with her ex, Daniel. Besides, Tristan was King of the Casanovas. Any woman who let him touch her ended up with a broken heart. She'd heard enough stories to know that. She didn't care how gorgeous the man was. Sure, he was tall and had those broad shoulders. An incredibly fit body. Not to mention the face. Those stunning blue eyes and full lips. The sexy bed head hair, dark black and tousled just right. A chiseled beauty, he was practically a work of art...

Wait. What was Jada's point?

Right. No dating co-workers—especially not men who melted panties, but then left women in tears. No way in hell was that happening to her. She'd learned her lesson the hard way, and didn't need another tutoring session.  

Mikayla's gasp distracted Jada from her inner resolutions.

"Speaking of Tristan, look what I found! Oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot to give this to him. This chain is vital to the costume!" Mikayla panicked, holding up a silver chain necklace for Jada to see. She was right. The necklace was pivotal to the movie because there was a love token aspect between the lead characters' story.

"Oh shit. They'll have my head if I don't get this to him. You know how much Ren hates me," Mikayla said, clenching onto the necklace. Jada's fierce urge to protect her came up.

"Don't worry. I'll take it to him. I want to go out there and check on the Angela M.I.A. situation anyway."

Mikayla gave a sigh of relief. "That's my good old cuz. Always saving my ass."

"If I didn't, you'd be dead by now," Jada said.  

Mikayla stuck her tongue out at her. Jada returned the gesture and headed out onto the set. One glance into the mayhem showed her things had not improved. It also revealed that Tristan was nowhere in sight. Wondering where else he could be, Jada decided she should check for him in his trailer.

When she got there, ready to knock, she realized the trailer door was unlocked. It would be rude to barge right in, but after calling his name a few times, he didn't answer. Jada decided it wouldn't be too harmful to take a quick look inside. Maybe he was listening to music with headphones on and couldn't hear her. Tristan was prone to listening to his favorite playlists to get into character. She wouldn't be surprised if he'd gotten wrapped up in a jam and line-reading session.

Quietly, Jada opened up the door and stepped inside. Everything looked normal but empty. The trailer was slightly messy in the expected bachelor way. As Jada stood in the main area, she heard voices coming from the back of the trailer. There was a small bed back there for Tristan to lay down and rest. Apparently, he was there, but who was he talking to? Practically everyone important for the shoot was in the studio. There was only one way to find out, so Jada headed towards the room. What she saw shocked her.

Tristan and one of the PAs were going at it. Big time. Tristan was pounding into her from behind, with Erica making plenty of appreciative moans. What Jada had mistaken for a murmured conversation was actually an expletive-laden sexual encounter.  

"Fuck yes, Tristan. Harder," Erica said.

Tristan obliged, moving faster. He was completely focused on his and Erica's pleasure...until he looked up and saw Jada standing there. He immediately stopped, his sexual desire deflated from shock.

"Holy shit! Jada?"

Jada froze. What answer could redeem her for being the cause of coitus interruptus?

There simply WERE no words.

So Jada stood there, gulping like a fish, terrified of whatever would come next.

*** That's it for Chapter Two!

Tristan and Jada are off to a rocky start as Tristan proves he's not the perfect leading man we anticipated. Will Jada find the right words to confront him? And will he be able to make his way back into her good graces?

We'll have more video clips later on, but I feel Shaggy can sum this situation up best.

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