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**I'm working on publishing this.. but I will keep this rough draft up for a little longer! Fixing some chapters that had grammar issues! Thanks for reading!!!!***


Murder. It covers the course of humanity, littering the pages of history books with its bloody path. There are numerous reasons why people kill: jealousy, power, rage, passion, obsession, psychoses, money, etc. Society has tried to understand and categorize it, but still we don't understand it. We're left with more questions than answers and nothing but grief eating away at our souls. The answers about murder or death won't be found in this story. This is a story about Jacob Track, a 17 year old boy, struck down in the prime of his life. Jacob's murder looks as cut and dry as any murder could be, however, it is not. Jacob was a well loved boy, more loved than most, but still someone felt he had to die. There is more to his death than meets the eye. The only way to understand his death is to look at the lives of all those around him. The death of Jacob Track comes quick and swift in the night, and the eyes in the shadows see all.


October 28, 2013

"Hey!" Bobby Woods waved down the almost deserted school hallway, trying to catch the attention of his best friend, Jacob Track. There were still a few kids shoving books in their lockers, some moving dreadfully slow to their next class.

"Oh, hey, Bobby what's up?" Jacob smiled as he made it to Bobby's locker. He gave Bobby a quick high five.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to stop by after school and play some video games. Trevor's coming over too. Dad just bought me the new Xbox One, can't wait to try it out!" Bobby exclaimed as he shoved a book into his locker.

"Ooh, sounds awesome! It looks so cool from the commercials! But I can't. The coach is giving us an extra football practice tonight for the game on Friday, which kind of sucks. It's supposed to rain tonight too. Hope it doesn't rain on us at practice, I'll be drenched! And Mom will want me home right after that. You know how she worries when I'm out after dark." Jacob chuckled and rolled his blue eyes. "Like I'm going to be snatched right off the street and murdered in the woods!"

Bobby laughed with him. "Most parents seem to think that we're so dumb we can't fend for ourselves I guess. I clearly walk around aimlessly bumping into walls!"

Jacob laughed his loud, cheerful laugh. He was well known for it. "You almost do run into walls, Bobby!"

"Hey! I'm not that clumsy. I'm not Tim!" Bobby laughed.

"Very true, our sweet, clumsy Tim! Well the bell's about to ring. Hopefully we can meet up tomorrow then."

"Holler at me at lunch. We can talk about it some more. You have to play it! You just have to! It's amazing. The graphics are killer."

"I definitely, will do, my good man." Jacob smiled. "Well I'm off to Biology. I just cannot wait to find out what's inside of this frog..." Jacob chuckled and hurried down the hallway to his class.

He had laughed about it, but sometimes his parents really were overprotective. Larned, Kansas was a small town, about 5,000 people. The only dangerous people in it were in the prison about three miles outside of town. The prison was well guarded and almost never had breakouts. The crime rate was pretty low as well. Mostly it was small drug crimes. Jacob knew a few of his classmates did some recreational drugs on the weekend, but he had stayed away from them. He preferred to hang out with his group of friends, who were, as far as he knew, drug free.

When Biology had finished, Jacob and his classmates headed to lunch. It was Jacob's favorite part of the day. He got to enjoy some good food (even though most of his classmates complained of the cafeteria food, he actually quite enjoyed it) and catch up with all of his friends.

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