The Trapper x reader

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  My heart hammered in my chest as I took in sharp breaths and fixed the generator, the light chimed on--so that was a sign for me to bolt.

Meg ripped away from the generator and tugged me along with her, her palms were drenched with sweat and oil while it vibrated in fear. But as we entered the tall-grass, I screamed out in pain and collapsed.

"Y/n!" Meg shrieked and crouched beside me as she tried to prow open the bear trap on my ankle.

Tears rolled down my bruised cheeks as I grabbed the sharp teeth of the trap and pulled at it with all my strength. Meg began to freak out when our heartbeats began to pound in our ears.

"Hurry, hurry!" she urged and with one final pull--I was free. But that was far from the truth.

"Y/n! RUN!" she screamed and grabbed my wrist, but I was pulled back by a stronger form. I screamed out in anguish as I saw the Trapper slash Meg with his blood cleaver.

"NO MEG!" I screamed and punched his back as he threw me over his shoulder. In the distance I saw Jake and Nea work on a generator, not paying attention what was happening here.

"Let me go!" I screamed in fear and flailed my legs and arms. And he HATED that.

When he passed by a tree he seemed to 'accidentally' knock my head on the wood. I cried and held my pounding head, I felt the warm thick blood caress my fingers as I tried to cover my new gash.

Dwight stalked us in the long-grass, he had a med-kit in his hand while he crouched low enough to not be seen.

Suddenly The Trapped abruptly spun around and threw his cleaver right in-between Dwight's eyes. Which was new, because he never throws his cleaver.

I cried in sorrow and thrashed around as he bent over to grab his cleaver.

"Stop," he said with annoyance lathered in his tone.

I stopped thrashing--but for only a moment. He entered his house and began striding down the basement, so I began thrashing around vigorously.

"I said stop," he threatened. "Or do you want me to hook you?"

 "Y-you're n-not going to sacrifice me?" I stuttered in fear. In which I regretted because it sounded like a rough croak by lack of water.

His rough voice rattled in my ears as he hummed a 'yes.'

He placed me down near a hook as I scooted back towards the wall, he just took in a deep breath and sat across from me.

"Why aren't you going to hurt me?" I asked with more confidence.

His mask with the hideous grin slashed across from it, the one that haunted me ever since I went into this hell, was taken off.

His face held rough details while his glare was sharp with cracked lips, he leaned towards me until our noses were touching.

"Because I love you." and with that statement he eased his lips onto mine, he was surprisingly gentle--opposed to his rough looks and muscly body.

He softly pulled off and stared deeply in my eyes, I was taken back by his actions, but I felt excitement when I felt him touch me.

"My name's Evan," he chuckled deeply. "I already know your name."

I softly chuckled along with him, he seemed happy as his shoulder shook in laughter.

"I love you too." I said in barely a whisper.

His eyes widened in shock as he leaned closer, "What?"

"I said, that I love you too." I said a bit louder.

I could see his smile grow wider, probably bigger than the one on his mask.

He pulled me into a bone-crushing hug and with a teared cry he said: 

"No one loved me before...And this completes me."

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