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"I'm not going to face them"


"Just shut up I'm not going to face no its horrible"


"You better not to speak anything Mr Raman Kumar"


"Maa Papa what happened? And where you disappeared from middle? I thought we will go together for icecream" Ishita closed her eyes don't want to face her 24 years old son who looked exceptionally excited after his engagement. She passed weak smile to there would be daughter in law Aaliya who was beaming with joy after getting engaged with her dream man.

"We will just.....I need to go for change" Ishita tried to excuse herself but stopped by Aaliya mother Shagun Raghav who dragged her towards sofa, "Careful Shagun" horrified Raman yelled and took Ishita in half hug.

"What happened puttar? Suddenly so much love for bahu? Slow down your romance shomance little you are going to be father in law soon" Santhosh Bhalla teased her elder son who sighted back seeing his mother and then looked at his wife who was throwing murderous looks to him.

"Daadi....Vaise I'm thinking to send Maa Papa on long vacations after my marriage. They done enough work and I don't want to exert them" Aditya kneeled down infront of his parents who smiled weakly at his son.

God why you are doing this!!!!!

Ishita Bhalla mentally cried seeing the laughing faces and she was hell clueless how will she face them once they broke news infront of them.

"Hey what is this?" Shagun, Aaliya mother looked at the white envelope which came below her feet. She kept her icecream bowl aside and torn the envelope in excitement but next minute she felt herself blank. She didn't knew how to react anymore. Shagun looked at couple who was engaged in something inaudible.

"Eeshita are you pregnant?"

Ishita managed to gulp down liquid and looked at her husband who turned his face to other side avoiding her.

Entire Bhalla clan shouted hearing the unexpected declaration.

"Mumma what? Are you preg...." her 18 years old daughter yelled.

"Maa yeh kya bol!!" Aditya stammered.

"Puttar ae Shagun ki?" Santhosh Bhalla was next.

"Ishu!!!!!" Madhvi Iyyer questioned next.

"Mumma bolo na kuch"

Ishita Raman realised they lost there voice the questioning gaze of family there pale faces were so much to take them. Ishita ran towards her room followed by Raman leaving family shocked with her pregnancy reports.

We often bless couple with blessing Santan Bhava: but ever wondered what will happen when this blessings turned true in unusual circumstances?

CEO of PSR Industries Raman Kumar Bhalla was contented man from age of 24, marrying his high-school love at age of 24, having two lovable kids Aditya and Ruhi, and the over enthusiastic punjabi parents he felt himself the luckiest person existed on earth. The things were great in his life until he discovered his wife unexpected pregnancy at age of 46.

Inspired by upcoming bollywood movie Badhai Ho...... Santaan Bhava: (May you have children) is short humorous story based on there funny pregnancy experience of middle aged couple who discovered there pregnancy with two grown up kids and followed by some funny and humorous events.
If you didn't watched trailer yet you can watch below....

A deep gratitude to maanvir for encouraging me to start this story 😂😂😂 well I don't know how it will turn out just want to try something out of box.

Waiting to know your suggestions eagerly.


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