Guardian for a fool

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The next day, I wanted to get out of bed but something was pulling me down.

F/N: Akeno, can you let me go? We must go to school.

Akeno: Just a second...

She mumbled and nestled in me even more. I sighed and sai:

F/N: Eh...I did not want to do this...

I pulled her cheek until she started to squeak.

Akeno: Ok, ok!I'm getting up well now!

I released her cheek and she got out of bed. Then I also noticed that she was sleeping naked. She went to the shower and at that time I decided to prepare scrambled eggs for breakfast.After a few minutes Akeno came out of the shower for breakfast.At the time when she ate I went to take a bath before school.When I returned to the kitchen, Akeno was ready to leave.

Akeno: Can we go?

F/N: Sure, only a few minutes remain for the lesson.

We left and after a while we were already at school.When we entered the school grounds we noticed that Rias was going with this new boy.It made quite a mess.Other male students began to curse Issei, and the girls cried and asked why Rias was going with this pervert.They parted at the entrance to the school, and then Issei was hit by one of his buddies.I do not know what happened next, because Rias talked to me:

Rias:Hello Akeno and F/N.

F/N and Akeno: Good morningpresident.

Rias: F/N, I have a request to you, could you bring our new friend to our club after school?

F/N: Sure, no problem.

Rias: Thank you, and now go to classes, the lessons will start soon.

We diverged into classes.


The last lesson had gone, Issei was sitting thoughtfully. I got up, went to him and said:

F/N: Yo new, come with me.

Issei: Huh? Where?

F/N:You will know in the right time.It should be enough for you to say that Rias sends me.

He opened his eyes wide, suddenly stood up and said in a loud voice:

Issei: So, lead!

F/N:Wow, how energetic...I do not want to know why.

I turned around and walked towards the old school building.When we entered the club's room, Issei looked around the room and asked:

Issei: Where did you bring me?

Before I could answer, he looked at Koneko sitting on the couch and eating sweeties and he said with delight.

Issei: It's Koneko Toujou, the school loli mascot!

F/N: Yeah... more or less...

Koneko just nodded her head in greeting and continued her work, that is, eating sweets. Then, we heard a shower from the next room.

Issei: Hmmm? Shower?

Akeno: Ah, president, our new friend just arrived.

I heard Akeno's voice, so it was probably Rias who was taking a bath.I also looked at Issei who turned red on the face, blood began to run from his nose and he gasped heavily.I just caught my head thinking with what visitor I would have to work...Then Rias and Akeno came out of the next room.

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