Chapter 4

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And fully occupied, you sneak out.


Sure, you felt bad for stealing food and running away, but they took some of your blood so it was even right?

You...couldn't trust them. No matter how nice they were during the day, they're still the same monsters in the night.

You had to get away, and retrieve your memories somehow...make sense of your life...because everything right now was like a puzzle.

You slip on some gucci sandals you find perched by the front door, and make your escape.

damn these are comfortable...I wonder who's they are? think to yourself, fastening your pace.

It was quite a foggy cold morning. Your breath pants out into the air in white smoky puffs as you run along the path of the forest in the morning dew. The clouds of pearlescent vapour evaporate as soon as you run through them, only to be replaced when another heaving exhale releases from your chest.

After a while, you stop running. You lean against a tree to catch your breath, wiping the droplets of sweat that had formed on your forehead with your sleeve.

You sigh, not seeming to find any sense of direction or opening out of this damn forest. You look through your bag of supplies and savour a few roasted potatoes you robbed, enjoying the company of the silence.

Deriving pleasure from the few spare moments of solitude nature granted you, you get lost deep in your thoughts.


You flinch, recoiling immediatley and look up in shock. A figure perched on a branch from the tree above stares down at you, his hooded eyes meeting yours.

''WHAT the FUCK  do you think you're doing with my gucci sandals?''

You can only gape, your mouth opening and closing like a fish.

''firstly, how the hell did you get up there?'' you ask, as he scoffs.

''no one, and I mean NO ONE steals my gucci and gets away with it'' he retorts, jumping of the branch and landing with a thud. ''now, if you excuse me...'' he swiftly bends down and lifts me up onto his back, and uses his other hand to slip off the sandals from my feet.

''...I'll be taking back both my belongings'' he smiles innocently, trodding along.

(A/N: the picture below is how he's carrying you, and imagine the girl as yourself with a angry face instead of a smiling face)

(A/N: the picture below is how he's carrying you, and imagine the girl as yourself with a angry face instead of a smiling face)

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You huff in frustration, wiggling and squirming in attempt to escape his grip, but your effort remains futile.

''Did you just call me a 'belonging'?'' You ask demandingly, slapping his head.

''ouch-don't you know? When a vamp first bites you, you are entitled to be theirs unless you die. It's the laws of the universe''

''bullshit'' you mutter, grabbing a handful of his unexpectedly soft hair and pulling it. ''LET ME DOWN''

''shit!'' He yelps, almost losing his balance. ''Stay still or I'll bite you'' he growls.

''you can bite my ass'' You snap back ''I'll say it one more time. PUT ME DOWN''

''I don't take orders from you. Now can you please kindly stfu? You weigh like 50 tonnes!''

You roll your eyes and inhale the scent of his hair, which unexpectedly smelled nice. You stare at his nape, which was covered with his mullet, hair sticking out on both sides resulting in a cute just-got-out-of-bed look.

''I can feel your heartbeat increasing you know'' his deep voice suddenly speaks out. ''had a change in heart?''

''pft- I'm just thinking of all the ways I could kill you...'' You mutter, pinching his neck as he squeaks out.

''I swear to god- watch what I do when we get back'' he growls, fastening his pace.

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