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Taylor's pov;

It's been two weeks since Tracy came back from the hospital she's been acting so strange like she doesn't let me touch her anymore. Every time I ask her why can't we cuddle she grabs her box of tissues and go into the closet. I'm getting tired of her being this way because all I wanna do is help. "Tracy come out the closet, I said "no just leave me alone, Tracy semi yelled "I just wanna fucking help you, I yelled back. The knob jiggled and swung open; I jumped back as I looked at her with tears dripping off her cheek. "You can't help me Taylor, Tracy said "why can't I!, I said "I was fucking raped is that better, Tracy sobbed "by who, I shouted "the doctor, Tracy sighed. I pulled her into a hug as she held on tight crying on my shoulder.

"Baby I am so sorry that happened to you, I said "I hate myself I'm disgusting, Tracy cried "baby your not I still love you for you, I said "I love you to, Tracy sniffled "do you know if your pregnant, I asked "omg what If I am mom is gonna kill me, Tracy sobbed "she can't get mad at you because that doctor is a pig, I said "your right but what if I am, Tracy sniffled "then we are going to raise this baby together, I smiled "thank you baby, Tracy said "anytime now come cuddle with me, I smiled. She let go of me and followed me over to the bed, she laid down on her side and moved closer to me placing her head on my chest. I stroked her head as we laid there watching tv; I felt my eyes getting heavy as I watched tv. One nap won't hurt.

Tracy's pov;
- Two hours
I woke up to the room being pitched black; I lifted myself off Taylor's chested and scooted closer to the edge of the bed. I swung my legs out the bed and stood up; I walked over to the bathroom and washed my face from the dry tears. As I was walking out I heard glass shatter from downstairs; I got scared and went over to my draw taking out my hand gun. I crept over to Taylor side of the bed and gently shook her; she rolled over groaning throwing the cover over her face.

"Taylor baby this is not the time, I said "baby what's wrong?, Taylor groaned "um I heard glass shatter downstairs I think we're being robbed, I said. Taylor jumped up and got out the bed "let's go in the closet, I said "where'd you get the gun?, Taylor asked "it was a christmas present from my dad, I said. We crept over to the closet going inside shutting the door; I heard footsteps coming up the steps and heavy breathing. I clocked my gun as the steps got closer to the closet "raid the room, the voice said "you got it boss, a man said "I found something boss, a man said. I heard my bed being flipped over and my treasure box being opened; tears dripped off my check. My whole life was in that box including money and my dads birth certificate; my heart broke in half as I heard them packing it up.

The door knob jiggled; I aimed my gun up as the door opened. I shot off two fires the man dropped face forward. The other guy dropped everything and put his hands up high in the air. I left out the closet with my gun still on him; I made my way over to light flicking it on. Taylor got out the closet calling the police. "Police are on the way babe, Taylor said "okay, i said "your going to jail for death, the man said "no your going to jail for breaking & entering mouthfucka, I said. The police came running up the steps; they tackled the robbery down arresting him. I lowered my gun and sighed "are you okay ma'am, the police asked "yes we're fine, Taylor said "okay we need a ambulance in here, the police said to his radio. The ambulance came upstairs with a stretcher they checked for a pulse and couldn't find one. They opened the body bag laying the man inside zipping it up. They finally left after questions and cleaning up my room floor from the blood; I put my gun back where it went and plopped on the bed. "So we just gonna act like nothing happened?, Taylor asked "yup, I said "cool, Taylor said. She crawled in bed next to me I snuggled up with her laying my head on her chest.

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