Chapter 33: President An Felt A Little Terrible

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After the Qixi Festival, Su Jian spent all his days eating and sleeping in the mansion. While the husband worked, he would be spending his time surfing the internet, playing games or catching up with new anime and dramas with sister An. When the husband returned from work, they would show their loving side to the public. In their room, they would sleep in the same bed.

After getting used to this, Su Jian felt that such a life was quite comfortable.

Additionally, after spending his days like this, his leg gradually recovered.

On the day the doctor said that he could move without his crutches and wheelchair, Su Jian was extremely happy. After his dinner, he took a walk in the garden with An Yize and refused to go back. In the garden, they walked round after round. Finally, An Yize was worried that Su Jian would overexert his leg so he dragged him back into their room.

Knowing that his leg had recovered, An Yirou was happy as well. She said, “Third sister-in-law, let’s go shopping!”

Su Jian wasn’t interested in shopping, but he was happy to be able to go out. Furthermore, it would be without any wheelchair or crutches this time. Ever since his rebirth, he could finally walk on his own feet. He was very eager and thus he agreed readily.

Coincidentally, it was now the weekend and An Yize was at home. After learning that Su Jian would be shopping with An Yirou, he said in disagreement, “Your leg has just recovered. It’s not suitable for strenuous activities.”

An Yirou was by Su Jian’s side hugging his arm, intimately clinging onto her sister-in-law. She said, “Rest assured third brother. I’m only asking sister-in-law to buy a few clothes with me, it won’t be too tiring!” Taking a look at her brother’s expression, she thought for a moment and smilingly added, “If third brother is worried, why not come with us? Coincidentally, we are short of a driver!”

Su Jian was secretly unwilling. Accompanying little sister to buy some clothes, looking at her coming out of the fitting room with beautiful clothes, standing in front of him and asking him expectantly, “Dear, does this look good?”, was something he had been looking forward to. But now An Yize would be the third wheel. This was so unpleasant!

An Yize did not say anything but directly rolled out a Cayenne from the garage.

An Yirou pulled Su Jian happily into the car. The two of them took the back seats and started talking about the new anime they had watched yesterday. Then, they started insulting the drama they were chasing after two days ago. They chatted excitedly and enthusiastically.

Driving silently and being ignored, and to add on not being able to understand some of the internet slangs the two were using, President An felt a little terrible.

Therefore, he switched the radio on. The broadcast happened to be broadcasting an emotional talk program. An agitated male was denouncing, “When the results were out, the child was actually my neighbor Wang’s! My wife betrayed me!”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian: “……”

Seeing that the people behind him suddenly turned silent, An Yize calmly changed the channel immediately.

The next channel was on advertisement break. While listening, a passionate male voice sounded abruptly, “xx Men’s Hospital, the great news to all man! Our urology department can treat all sorts of urinary issues such as frequent urination, emergency urination, and incontinence urination…”

Su Jian had heard of this advertisement many times in the past and could practically memorize the words. Therefore, once he heard the advertisement, a sense of familiarity rose. He continued the sentence immediately, “Urinary bifurcation, urination follicular and urination reflux!”[1]

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