Chapter 31: Cruel! This Is Too Cruel!

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An Yize carried Su Jian into the car and helped him fasten his seatbelt before asking, “What do you want to eat?”

Su Jian thought for a bit and then said excitedly, “I want to eat Sichuan Cuisine[1]!”

An Yize furrowed his brows. Initially, he had wanted to reject the idea. However, looking at Su Jian’s expectant expression, his heart softened. After pondering for a moment, he called his family doctor and asked, “Qingyuan, can Jian Jian eat spicy food with her current condition?”

Su Jian was depressed. However, he was instantly happy after hearing Zhang Qingyuan said that he could eat in moderation.

An Yize put down his phone and saw Su Jian looking at him with bright eyes. The corner of his lips curled up. He smiled and nodded his head: “Qingyuan said you can eat in moderation, but it cannot be too spicy.”

Su Jian ignored the last part and said happily, “Then, I want to eat boiled meat! I also want steamed fish! Oh yes, I want to eat Mao Xue Wang[2] too!”

Half of those are spicy dishes… An Yize felt helpless, but after looking at Su Jian’s face full of yearning, he could not bear to reject. He could only nod his head as he said, “Alright.”

Su Jian asked cheerfully, “Where will we be going?”

An Yize held the steering wheel and said, “I know a Sichuan Cuisine restaurant. Although the restaurant is not big, the taste is very authentic.

After they reached their destination, An Yize got off the car and went towards Su Jian’s side to help him out.

Su Jian lifted up his head to look at the shop sign. “Here?”

Nodding, An Yize said, “The business here is quite good. There will be quite a few people here, so be careful.”

Upon entering the restaurant, An Yize wanted to have a private room but Su Jian insisted on sitting at the counter seats. Su Jian felt that it had been too long since he last saw so many people and he wished to experience being in the crowd.

Without a choice, An Yize could only choose a relatively quiet spot close to the window. Su Jian sat opposite of An Yize and asked the waiter for the menu. Glancing at An Yize, he asked, “I guess I will order now?”

With his eyes forming a trace of a smile, An Yize said, “Okay.”

Su Jian felt lavished. He boldly ordered many dishes that he wanted to eat. An Yize didn’t stop him either. He helped Su Jian pour a cup of water and placed it in front of him.

But when Su Jian went to wash her hands, An Yize took the chance to tell the waiter not to put too much chilli in their dishes.

The dishes arrived relatively quickly. After his sleep, Su Jian felt very hungry. Following the heavy meal, Su Jian finally felt that his body was satisfied.

An Yize put down his chopstick. He asked, “Are you full?”

Su Jian patted her stomach and said, “It’s an intermission now! After a break, I will take on the challenge again!”

An Yize: “……”

After his stomach was content, Su Jian finally had the heart to think about other issues. He just remembered the fact that An Yize had abandoned him earlier.

“By the way, where did you go earlier?” Su Jian unhappily asked, “I thought I asked you to wait for me? Why didn’t I see you when I came out?”

An Yize apologetically said, “Sorry.”

Su Jian could not feel angry after hearing his sincere apology. However, he was still curious about the woman that An Yize had carried away. With a straight face he asked, “I waited for you for so long. You should at least give me an explanation.”

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