Chap 2: Meet again?

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"Hello class! Today we will have a new student! He's from Japan, Hiroshima but when he is small, he lives in London"-The teacher said. The class start to talking about him. A bluenette entered the room. The whole class is staring at him. A tall blue hair boy entered the room. The girls look at him, blush...except for a girl. She is staring at the window. The boys are yawning. The bluenette start to introduce himself:

-Hey everyone, my name is Shiota Nagisa. I live in London when I was small so I am very bad at Japanese. Please help me for this year!

The girls look at him, start to push the boy to a side. The table is very different for him. The Japanese just build a table for 1 person but this is a table for 2 people. Nagisa go straight to a wavy black hair girl. He ask her:"Hey, can I sit here?". The girl notice him:"Huh?". Nagisa surprised:"Ah! You are the girl in Kyoto!". She look at him:"You are the dummy in Kyoto?". He ask:"Yes, but...I don't think I am dumb...".

She just turn her head to another way. Nagisa don't care about that...He just relax on his table. He sits next to Akari. He never care about the people's feeling.


"SHIOTA-SAN!"-The teacher shouted. Nagisa ask:"Ahhh...What is it, sensei?". The teacher- Koro-sensei say:"YOU ALWAYS SLEEP DURING THE LESSONS! I TOLD YOU THIS FOR THE WHOLE TIMES!". Nagisa yawn:"Yes...Koro-sensei". Koro-sensei just look at him and start to teach the lesson. Akari look at him, confused

-What kind of this weirdo?-

Nagisa stared at her, gave her a faint smile

-This girl is interesting, I can feel it-


Note: I am evil...

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