Chapter 4

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As the shadows of the TIE fighters flew overhead, O-Three's heart pounded so hard she thought it would burst through her armor. That terror helped her avoid the TIEs' shots and run for her life. That terror also kept her eyes peeled for a nearby dune.

"Over here!" she shouted, sprinting until she was under the dune's shade.

Explosions pursued Poe and One-Eight until they made it. The former dived in last and said, "This won't help! They can easily find us here!"

"It was the best I can do!" O-Three snapped.

"They're coming around!" One-Eight cut the two off.

As the old soldier said, the TIEs were coming back, and O-Three hid with her companions under the safe dune. There were no lasers, but the engines were clear and they were getting closer. "If you have a plan, I'd like to hear it!" O-Three said to Poe.

There was nothing from him. That zeal she had seen was gone for several seconds. Distraught, O-Three looked over the dune's edge at the TIEs. The three fighters swerved to the side, angling their turrets to the trio once again. O-Three readied her rifle, not willing to go down without a fight.

That would be if Poe had not grabbed her arm. "What are you doing?!" O-Three shouted.

"Just wait," Poe said and closed his eyes. "Keep an eye out," he instructed.

O-Three glanced over to One-Eight, who said "Do as he says," and went over to the other edge of the dune.

O-Three whirled her head back around. On her helmet's display, three circles focused on the TIEs, which were mere dots. Even as dots, though, those fighters had sensors to spot them. "Nothing's happening," O-Three said.

"Wait," she heard Poe, his expression calm and serene. "They'll pass... soon enough."

O-Three tried not to tsk in dismay. The TIEs were getting closer, their terrible cries growing louder by the minute. She fought the urge to look back at the pilot and kept her sensors on the TIEs, not wanting to take her eyes away or give away their position.

Then, just as Poe said, the TIEs flew overhead, as if they had not noticed their targets.

O-Three did not believe her eyes, so turned back to her helmet's display. The HUD calculated the distance of the TIEs that were now small dots in the sky. Fifty meters away, she counted...

Then, seventy meters away...

Then, ninety...

At one-hundred and ten, a distance too far any sensors to catch, O-Three could not believe it. The silence was unreal from the deafening lasers or TIE engines. It was made real by Poe's voice. "We need to move. They'll be coming back for us soon enough," he said, passing by the confused Stormtrooper.

"Wait, what-"

One-Eight cut O-Three off. "Save it for later. Right now, we need to find shelter."

Begrudgingly, O-Three hefted her rifle while Poe pulled out a device from his flight suit, something like looked like a hand-sized datapad. "What are you doing?" O-Three asked Poe.

"Before landing, I made a layout of the area. There should be a canyon west of here," Poe answered, flashing the beeping datapad over his shoulder.

"Does it say where?" One-Eight said.

"A couple of miles. Once we find the canyon, we can hide there until my people come along."

"Your people?" O-Three interrupted.

At that, Poe stated aloud, "I sent a beacon before we were attacked. Hopefully, my friends will have noticed it and come to pick us up soon."

O-Three lacked confidence in a single word from Poe's mouth, especially "hopefully," and none of them did little to stop her hands from twitching slightly over her blaster's trigger. Still, she brought up the rear while Poe took the lead.

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