Chapter one- My life.

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Let me start out by saying. I hate my life. My mother is nothing more then a drunk, and my father abuses me. I have no one there for me, I'm 17 years old and I just moved to Eastdell. The shittiest town ever. But we moved here because of my fathers job. and I absolutely hated it. Our neighbor is a creep, plus he is the only one around within a 4 mile radius. I'm Kaycee Lee. I stand about 5'7 and weigh 115 pounds. I've never had a boyfriend and I probably never will. I'm a junior at Eastdell High. I have long back hair that is extremely curly, with bright green eyes. I have my lip and nose pierced. My lips are always in a pout and I never ever smile, my eyes never shine with happiness. I'm the unwanted child. I'm the child my "parents"never wanted.

Once we moved to 106 linken drive lane, I knew I was going to hate it here. I hate everything about my life. Quite a few times have I tried to kill myself to get me out of the painful grasp of an abusive household. Many times that I have failed. I have scars lining my body up and down going any other way. Some were inflicted by myself and others my parents. I've lived a very hard and disturbing life. My parents are not my real parents. I was adopted by the age of 5. The man and woman I call mom and dad are not even human at all. My father is a werewolf while my mother is a vampire. They were mated by fate but could never have children so they adopted me. When they first adopted me everything was great we were a nice big happy family. Then things went down hill when I found out what they were. That's when I abuse started I was about 11 years of age. Since then I've known about the supernatural, I've known what kind of monster are out there, and I've known what kind of monsters I live with. But little did I know the biggest change that would make my life nothing more then a bliss was coming quick and fast.

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