chapter two

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Amber- ( one year later )

In the beautiful night sky, Jeremiah and I make out. It was so hot. He is so hot. He says I'm so hot. Everything about him and I is hot.

"I love you so much." He says.

"I love you more, babe." I say back.

"You're everything to me, Amber Gena Michael's. Everything."

"You mean the world to me, Jeremiah Lile Row. The world." I say back.

We kiss some more. So much more hot hot kissing.

Kai and Bridget have been on and off. My phone starts ringing.

"Kai?" I ask. "Hey yah, I'm sorry but I need some major best friend moments right now." He says. "Yah Okay I'm coming." I say.

"I'm sorry, Jer. I love you. But I think Kai broke up with Bridget again." I explain.

"I understand, go be a good friend." He says. I walk off in the distance, probably the happiest person I've ever been.

"Jeremiah and I were having such a good time!" I say as I walk in.

"Wow, Amber, you- you look amazing." He says in shock.

"Thanks, Kai." I say back. "Did you and Bridget break up again?" I ask jokingly.

"Ha Ha, very funny. And for you information, yes actually we did." He answers sarcastically and perky.

"For how long?" I ask.

"I don't know, Amber. Just be supportive, please." He pleads with me.

All of a sudden the room grows quiet. A weird feeling rushed through me, a feeling that told me to do something wild. It looked as if it happened with him too. Our faces got closer and closer. His hands were in my hair.

And the night went on...

I wake up in my bed, him next to me. I felt dirty. I felt gross but it felt so good. I look over at him. He's sleeping, with the slight snore I knew he already had.

I have a boyfriend. A boyfriend! I love him! What did I get my self into? Kai and I are never gonna be the same again and Jeremiah will break up with me when I tell him.

When I tell him?

If I tell him...

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