part 2

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I go in my room and put on some Marcus and Martinus songs and dance to them. After my favorite song I lay on my bed and look at my phone. They posted new picture. "Ahh why are you so hot Marcus" I say and sight. "Because he is your favorite" I heard mom and I laugh. I can talk with mom about everything and I always did and she is the best mom ever. I take shower and lay in bed. I was imagined how concert will be. I wish to be first kiss girl. It would be amazing.
'Everything around us was in pink, red, orange, purple... Colour. It was beautiful. He was in front of me smiling and I was smiling back. He put his hand in my cheek and start to come closer'
"Wake up" mom say and Sun hit my face. "ugh" I get up and get ready for school. "I made you pancakes" mom say and I take one. After I eat 2 more door bell ring and mom go and open. "It's Macey" mom say and I take my bag. "Bye" I say. "You come to school? After 1 day trip I probably wouldn't" I say. "Well I wanted" she say. "So how was it" "amazing" she say and smile so much. "Ouh do you maybe have long distance relationship?" I say with smirk. "what no I don't" she say. "Hmm yeah shure" I say and laugh. She roll her eyes. We come to Ebonie and she join us on way to school. "Did your mom get you tickets" Ebonie ask. "Yes I just wait till they arrive" I say and clap my hands. "You are like little kid" Macey say. "because I am" I say.

On beginning is always boring but wait for it 😉

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