chapter 5

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****This is Alex also the other main chacter in this story with Amy hope you guys enjoy 😊
Song of the day is black pink whistle****

Alex's POV

Beep Beeep Beep

Ugh why do people even event alarms and make school this early.Either I slam my hand on the snooze button and stand up and take a quick shower.

So you are probably wondering who I am so let me present myself. My name is Alex and I am a bad boy and a gang leader of the snakes which is the second best feared and the most feared gang is the bloody vipers.

I know right and I have black hair and these gray eyes that my father had. I also have tattoos that I will show you guys later on in the story.

Other then that I think that is all about me and I am already done with my shower. I put on s towel around my waist and walk into my room to my closet to change myself into a white shirt,black jeans,and with my leather jacket that has my name on it and my gangs name on it and put it around my waist.
I just then grabbed my iPhone X plus and put on my shoes and left my home and went to my garage and got out my motorcycle that is all pure black.

10 minutes later in school

I have finally arrived in school and quickly parked my bike and headed to my friends that were near the front doors  of school and they were already talking about something that was interesting to them or else they would have already noticed them so I just walk up to them and say
"What you guys talking about"
And my best friend Blake just says
"There is going to be a new student at our school today and they say she is fuckin hot and then want to see her already another thing is that she is from the " Bloody Vipers" dude like now kidding"
After Blake had said that we heared a car roar and it was a fuckin hot black Lamborghini with gold rims that were real like no kidding and it parked in the front seat and right away I knew it was the new girl to this school and she was going to be in lele with the queen bee because that's her "SPOT" like whatever and she won't be happy.
The new girl came out and holy shit she she fuckin gorgeous like she has the perfect skin and her bra is probably a d cup which not all girls have unless they are chubby and that ass damn she was blessed and has the curves in every perfect spot and she was a badass by the outfit she was wearing a black crop top with diamonds or spikes on the top and you could see her belly button and she had a piercing their which was sexy and a turn on and with some short shorts. With a leather jacket that was all black with some writing that I couldn't see and guys were sating all this sgit about her they would do this and that to her anytime and that made me mad because I knew she was going to become mine and only mine. S he didn't give a fuck and passed by my group and it was like haven and saw her name was Amy and she was from the Bloody Vipers. Shit and then she continued walking inside and probably to go to the office to get her new stuff.
Then my best friend Blake is all like
"Damn she is a sext goddess did you guys see her man she is blessed with that ass and d cup boobs like man."
Then the twins Steve and Cole say the same thing like this
"Holy shit guys we are blessed and I want to be her friend like she looks fuckin badass with all that she wears and not only that but she is from the bloody vipers and her name fits perfectly for her damn it."
And all I say is
"Wow I am going to make her mine just watch guys I just know it and guys she hadn't done any thing and she has already caught all the boys attention from every grade and its January the last day and February's coming up that means all the guys are going to ask her out for valentines day 💝.
And with that I knew that today was going to be a exciting day and very interesting as well I Wonder how she will deal with the slut and also queen bee charlie damn like she is voty a slut and queen bee and is really clingy and thinks they you guy's are dating right away.but still I couldn't keep myself from thinking about Amy again ugh I am so whipped and she hasn't done anything to provoke anyone like she is really different because she isn't swaying her hips to fain attention from the guy's and is normal and isn't wearing to short shirts and shorts like some sluts do to hook up with the guys in our school and I am not saying that all girls are sluts by wearing clothes but also by their makeup cause Amy has everything natural lie she barely needs make up.
Well the bell has already rang which meant I was late for class as usual.

I walk to my first class which is math and let me tell you that old man is blind like he can't see us using our phones all the time.I walk inside and sit in the back since the teacher new that it was me as usual being late.but that old man can see fine if your really close to him and great hearing too.Then their is a loud bang as the door opened and in came the one and only Amy and had bubble gum and then the stupid old man is saying to her
"Who are you young lady and why are you late to my class?"
Amy then responds with no emotion in her voice but coldness
"I am Amy and I am your new student old man like can't you remember when the principle was to tell everyone that their was going go be a new student"
"Watch your language young lady"
"Whatever old geaser"
And with that she sat in the seat next to me and let me tell you she smelled nice she smelled like in the wilderness  of trees and nature it was perfect.

****wow 1141 words!!! Chapter 5 is done and please comment 😌 if I should make more of Alex's point of views and I  hope you guys like this chapter****

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