some laflams cuz y not?

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Ayyyy im bacc

I jus came back from school uwu

As u may kno, laflams is now my otp.

I love that trio so much-

Im too gay for em

So this was requested by Galaxy_Turtlez and imma do ittt kskdksk

And also let-lets have some prompts uwu

And also let-lets have some prompts uwu

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I think imma do 1, 3, 9, 10 and after care

N pls do not judge my roleplaying style of writibg (its my first time to write roleplay smut even tho I rped ages ago)


Idk which rp imma do-

Prbly Game of thrones lmao cuz itd my fav show ;-;

Enjoy uwu

And im thinking that Laurens will be Stark, Lafayette as Lannister and Alex might be Bolton?

Cuz Boltons r frickn mean to everyone (especilly ramsay to theon) so im kinda make alex mean

"You called me, Your Grace?" John said softly, as he opened door.

There was Lafayette, gorgeus as fuck, sitting on 'throne'.

Laurens couldnt help himself but chuckle a bit at their fake throne.

Throne was on armchair, made it higher by some pullows he and Alex put.

"Laurens? As I assume...we need a conversation...follow me." Lafayette said icly, imitating Cersei voice even tho his french accent covered that.

John nodded and they walked 'outside' which was hallway across living room AKA 'throne', and their room...

"Your Grace? Why did you called me?" John followed Lafayette swiftly.

Even tho with light, lacey white dress which was beneath his thighs, showing off some freckelds (something like this...)

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