Chapter 38: The Call For Battle

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Then, that means they'll definitely go after the Demon Slayers. This means Steve and the others could be in danger too.

"Alright, keep getting as much information on the Demon Queen and what she's doing. Also, I want you to send some recon demons to look out after the Demon Slayers. Since they're the strongest humans out there, it's obvious that the demons will target them."

"Does this include your friends?"

"No, you, the others, and I will be the ones that will lookout after Steve and my friends."

"Understood. I'll send out my recon team." Kyuu acknowledged her orders.

"Good. Make sure that none of them get spotted by the Slayers. They're experienced fighters that will likely easily detect the recon demons if they got close enough, so they need to keep their distance."

"As you wish, Young Master."

After confirming her orders, Kyuu disappeared in a puff of smoke. While she was doing that, I kept going through the paperwork.

This was getting complicated by the second. It looks like Carol was making her move on the humans now.

With how things are going, there's likely going to a big fight happening . . .

. . . I think I just came up with the greatest idea ever!

I quickly got out of my seat and rushed out of the room. That's when I noticed one of the maids was guarding the door.

It was a female cat beastfolk. She had silver and black hair and was carrying two daggers.

"Do you need something, Young Master?" The cat-maid asked me.

"Could you get Vemon to tell all the demons to gather to the Throne Room? I have an announcement to make."

"Understood, Young Master!" The cat-maid then rushed off to inform Vemon.

While that was happening, I decided to head to the Throne Room and wait. It'll give me time to think about what I'm going to say.

Once I was in the Throne Room, I noticed that everyone has already arrived.

Hasn't it only been three minutes? There's no way they can get there that fast.

As I continued to look surprised by how fast everyone got here, Vemon quickly spoke up.

"Everyone! Our Young Master has arrived!" When she announced this, all of the demons who were standing quickly kneeled and made a path for me to the Throne.

This is a little much, don't you think.

Even though I felt embarrassed by this scene, I needed to act natural, so I had to play it off and walked up to my Throne. I could feel the eyes of all the demons staring at me.

It was intense if I had to put it into words. Anyway, once I got to my Throne and sat down, I tried to figure out what I was going to say.

Since I didn't have enough time to think of what to say, I was kind of nervous. I did my best to repress my anxiety and spoke up.

"U-uh, hello, everyone." I greeted all the demons. "As you know, there is a demon that calling herself Demon Queen."

At this moment, everyone started to murmur. I expected this to happen, so I wasn't really surprised.

I wanted to wait until they got the talking out of their system, but Vemon had a different plan.

"You dare interrupt our Young Master! Quiet, all of you!"

As usual, Vemon gave the demons a good scare which made them silent. Vemon then looked at me with a cheerful smile, urging me to carry on.

"A-anyway, we've just got word that the Demon Queen is planning an attack on the humans."

None of the demons didn't speak but did give an expression of disgust. It's obvious that they're not liking what I'm talking about.

"Now, I know that you all don't care about the humans, but that's not why I called you all here. Rest assured that I'm not asking you to defend the humans."

This was when all the demons started to look confused. A couple even whispered, which made Vemon glare at them.

Once everything simmered down a bit, I continued to speak.

"I called you all here because it was time to show ourselves to the humans and demons. They only know about us through rumors and other sources, but it was time for us to appear before them."

When I first called in a meeting, when I first became the Demon King, I promised everyone that we would make the humans and demons fear us. Since then, I've been figuring out what to do about it, but never came up with much.

But now, we have an opening.

"I promised all of you that we would be feared by everyone else in this world, and now is that time."

The demons started to get excited, so I kept going.

"With the Demon Queen attacking the humans, we can get in the middle of their fight and take down both parties in an instant!"

The demons soon began to cheer. It looked like I was on a role, so I didn't stop.

"It is now our time to show everyone who should they really fear!"

The demons then all cheered and shouted my name. They were so excited that I was a little happy to see it.

"For now, we will make preparations for war and figure out where the battle will take place. That is all! Go forward!"

After saying this, the all of the demons quickly left the room to prepare for war. After everyone left, I slouched on my Throne and made a heavy sigh.

"That was exhausting," I muttered to myself.

"Well done, Young Master!" Vemon complimented me.

"Indeed," Dyrom joined in. "With this, the demons won't attempt to betray you."

"Yeah," I said.

Yeah, that is good, but that's not what I'm worried about right now. I'm kind of worrying about something that I said during my speech.

I said that we would attack both the humans and demons. I didn't mean to add the human part!

Aw, man! Steve and the others aren't going to like this.

Especially Olivia. she'll kill me once she hears about this.

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