Chapter 8

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"Yes, Viktor. That's right, a couple of houses on the outskirts of town. No, I was planning to go check them out today to see what I could find out. Of course, I'm always careful. I wasn't planning on bringing any of them, no. MmmmHmmm." It was morning and I was heading down the hallway toward the front door with the phone to my ear when I heard a disturbance from upstairs. "What is that?" Viktor asked me from the other end of the line. "I'll call you back." Peter and Drogo had already left for their classes for the day so that really only left two options. I walked up the stairs following the screaming and the problem became very clear. Lori was throwing one of her colossal fits and the nanny was having trouble handling her, again.

I walked into Lorie's room to see Lori throwing her disturbing stuffed animals at the nanny, screaming about them being ugly or some such nonsense. "You little selfish brat!" The nanny screamed back at her, throwing a stuffed animal at Lori's face, enraging the little pink beast. Why Viktor had ever turned a child was beyond me. Perhaps he did have a father complex? It evaded me. Lori screamed her rage at the nanny, her eyes turning a vibrant red and her fangs descending. She sprang at the nanny, pouncing on top of her and knocking her to the floor, intending to bite her. The nanny was screaming and flailing. The situation really was amusing and although I had no qualms with feeding on humans, I knew the brothers would have serious issues if Lori fed on the nanny. That and it would probably cause other problems.

I sped across the room and grabbed a fistful of pink hair and yanked, just in time to prevent her fangs from sinking into the nanny's neck. A snarling screech ripped out of Lori's little throat, more vicious than a wild animal. I pulled her off of the nanny by her hair baring my fangs, snarling at her even more viciously than she was. The nanny was screaming in the background but I ignored her, focusing on the pink brat. My snarl quieted her but she still struggled against my hold on the back of her head. I got a patronizingly friendly smile on my face as I said sweetly, "Now Lorie, is that any way for a little lady like yourself to act? Tsk, tsk," I waggled my other finger at her.

She struggled all the harder against my iron grip and hissed again, moving so she could bite me while she screamed. I gave her one swift slap across her face shutting her up and effectively ending her attempt to bite me. She stopped her struggling and glared up at me. I bent close to her and whispered, "The nanny is not on the menu Lori and if you don't stop acting like a spoilt brat, a little hair pull will be the least of your problems." I batted my lashes at her, plastering my patronizing smile on again, "Mmmmm-K pumpkin?" She just stared at me for a moment and then slowly nodded. I released my hold on her saying, "Now get ready for school. You're late and your tantrum has made your nanny late as well." A raised eyebrow at her had her skipping off to do as I said.

I turned to the nanny who was still laying on the floor in her pajamas. I looked her up and down not saying anything. "What is going on in here!?" Nicolae filled the doorway. I turned to him saying, "It's under control so long as the nanny doesn't go into shock. Excuse me." I pressed past him and started down the hallway. I heard Nicolae checking in with the nanny, helping her up, checking on her emotions using his telepathy. I walked back down to the entry way and dialed Viktor. "So?" "It was a minor altercation between the nanny and Lori but it's under control," I looked up to see Nicolae coming down the stairs toward me. "No, Viktor, I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. Yes, I'll be heading out soon to go check out the first house. Yes, I'll call you when I get back to the manor." I still couldn't call it 'home.'

Nicolae watched me from across the entryway, listening in on my conversation. "You will be careful." "Yes, Viktor." "Very good, my pet." Nicolae's eyebrows shot up at that and I met his eyes. "Call me soon or I will visit you again," he warned. I closed my eyes, swallowing at the threat. "Of course, Viktor." I heard his breathy chuckle on the other end of the line. "Perhaps I may anyways. I miss having you at my side, Sasha." Not good. My eyes flew open and I swallowed again, steadying my voice before answering. "You have Mia and I am needed here. You sound like you're going soft on me," I let my smile be heard through the line. He growled in response which is what I wanted. "Call me after you visit the house." "Yes, Viktor." The line went dead and I dropped the phone from my face, taking a deep breath.

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