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Cover credit Musical_wingsx (Thank you very much, dear for the beautiful cover 😘😘😘)


This will be few shots on the current murder track in Ishqbaaz. But I have merge it with a Tamil movie titled "Immaikka Nodigal".

The story will start after Shivaay's escape from the police after they found the evidence against him in Nancy's murder. Did Shivaay really has murdered Nancy?? Or is there any secret behind the murder?? If Shivaay didn't kill Nancy, then who is the real murderer?? ACP Bhavya who is assigned for this case is confused.
CBI Officer Anjali Vikramadityan will make an entry into this case to find the real story behind Nancy's murder.

Note: The dialogues will be in Tamil and English. (I will give English translation for Tamil.)

Do tell me if I should continue the story or not...

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