Candy Kiss

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Malakai was currently sitting on his bed, watching a series on Netflix. The male wasn't alone though, hadn't been for a couple of days now. An adorable 19 year old sat next to the 20 year old. Chestnut hair well past his ears, strikingly beautiful green eyes glued to the TV, taking in the scenes. Well, until Malakai paused the show to go get something. The boys had plenty of space between them, since Mal had a king sized bed.

Malakai returned with a piece of candy. Blue in color, blue raspberry flavored, square in shape. A blue raspberry Jolly Rancher. It was Malakai's last one, and he had almost forgotten about it. The male took his spot on the bed, leaning against the headboard again, one leg tucked loosely underneath the other. The wrapper caught Coaley's attention, and just as Malakai was bringing the candy to his slightly opened mouth, Coaley spoke. "D-do you have anymore?"

Mal glanced at his friend from the corner of his eyes. "Nope This is the last one." He replied. "Oh." Was all Coaley said in return. Malakai placed the square sweet between his teeth, then let it fall onto his tongue. "You can have this one, if you want it." Coaley snapped his head toward the older male.

"Wha-what? It's already in your mouth." The green eyed male was clearly confused, making Malakai chuckle. "Hmm. Too bad then." Malakai returned his attention to the TV, unknowingly pissing Coaley off as he played the show again. Yes, he wanted to tease the boy a bit, but he didn't expect him to straddle him. Malakai quickly pushed the blue square into his cheek, and opened his mouth to speak.

Coaley didn't give him a chance to speak though. He found that easier to slide his tongue in Malakai's mouth, searching for the candy. Malakai's heart sped up at the contact, and slid his arms around Coaley's neck, slipping his fingers in the chestnut hair. Coaley tensed, realizing that Malakai had tricked him as soon as he felt Malakai's tongue brush against his. He melted though, squirmed a bit as a soft moan involuntarily escaped his lips, and slipped into Malakai's mouth. Coaley couldn't help but want more of the kiss, since it tasted like candy. Literally.

After the two made out for a bit, Malakai pulled away, smirking, and chuckled when he saw the red cheeks that belonged to Coaley. "You, you t-tricked me!" Malakai put the candy back on his tongue, and even though he was already breathing heavy, opened Coaley's mouth and slipped his tongue back in, dropping the candy on the other male's tongue. He pulled away again, grinning. "Maybe a little."

Ever since that night, Malakai and Coaley would have make out sessions. They hadn't really decided  to be a couple, but they acted like it. And it all started with one single, blue squared, piece of candy.

Disclaimer: Coaley Quist belongs to my good friend Roaklyn ^-^

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