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"So did you ever find William?" Mary asked Ruby as she sat down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn

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"So did you ever find William?" Mary asked Ruby as she sat down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. "Yeah I did. He has a very cold personality" Ruby mentions while removing her makeup off.

"I've noticed that ever since I saw his butt walk into our classroom. He just had no expression on his face at all, it reminds me of myself in math class" Mary said while trying to imitate William's face. Ruby wanted to tell Mary that she caught him smoking but for some reason she didn't want to betray his trust.

"He's going through a lot of shit right now but wouldn't tell me" Ruby said making sure Mary doesn't catch on. "Is it bad that I haven't really taken a good look at his face. I mean he's always wearing that damn hood 24/7".

"I did and let me tell you he has beautiful blue eyes" Mary stuffs her face with popcorn "Honestly if you don't want him I would gladly take him as my partner" Ruby laughed at her. "Yeah we're not switching partners. I would rather die than be partners with Bobby" Mary had a frown on her face. The two continued to watch the movie before eventually passing out.


"Okay class I need you and your partner to discuss some things in order to get an idea of their personality" Ruby looked back at William's seat and found it empty as usual. Ruby put her hand up and immediately the art teacher knew what she was going to do so she just nodded her head.

Ruby went out and to the secret spot and found William's back facing her. He was looking out onto the field. "You know that you're going to make us both fail if you don't attend class" William turned back and rolled his eyes. "No one asked you to find me, just leave" William coldly said.

Ruby sighed and stood next to him. "Why are you like this?? So cold?" Ruby asked him. "I just don't like people period" Will responded without looking at her.

"Is there a reason why you don't like people?" Ruby needed to find at least some piece of information about him to complete her part of the project. "Why would I tell you? You're a nobody to me and I for sure don't like telling nobodies about my personal life! Now please leave!" William snapped which made Ruby take a step back.

She was about to say something to him but stopped herself. She sighed again before leaving the hideout. William looked back to make sure she left the room.

He rolled his eyes, he wondered why this girl hasn't stopped talking to him no matter how many times he shook her off. He looked at the ground and noticed a ring which looked familiar.

He figured it belonged to Ruby, he picked it up and put it in his pocket. He couldn't wait to see the look on Ruby's face once she finds out she lost something important to her.

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