Chapter 14

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Bri Pov

I woke up feel covers on my body and air hittin my cheek. Dat felt good . I stretched and checked my phone . I saw a text from Ari . I'll text ha back ina minute . Its my 1 year anniversary wit Quavo and im not technically exited as I should be but im still finna turn up tho I took a picture and posted it on instagram

2.4m❤ 1.2m💬

@Bri.da_baddest whatchu missin ????😘👅👅💦💦💦

@HOTSPOT_ yassssssss

@lil.bih*KENNEDY.  SLAY QVEEN😘😘💕💕

I met up wit Coach K and we went to my interview . Trust me im ready to leave already its too cold

Producer:I mean pretty hurts right

Me:yea like now im cold I didnt get my fur u kno what can I get dat

??:*brings it*

Me:thank ya

Me:*sighs*dis is y i love my fur I got chill bumps and shit

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Me:*sighs*dis is y i love my fur I got chill bumps and shit



They interviewed me and I left . I didnt have too much to do til I got a text from Laylay so I went back home

Laylay:damn u just dip on us huh

Me:im sorry ok I had to tho

Laylay:so is this still technically ur anniversary

Me:idk honestly

Ari:well I seen da dress dat u got and I wanna get drunk tn

Me:ight where dey at

Ari:gone well Take and Set upstairs sleep everybody else gone to a interview or da studio

Me:o well its 5:14 so what time yall wanna leave


Me:7:30 works

Laylay:aye we gotta leave at 9 tho mama said she wanna talk to us


Until den we went to da park to talk . We ended up wit a crowd of teenage boys we found out it was 16-19

??:shidd we technically yo age

Me:nigga 16 and 19 are different yea 3 apart but different

??:but I am 19 dat aint different

Me:u right but what possibly could u do for me

??:*background*damn she fine

??:too sexy

Boys:*talkin in unison*

??:it aint what I can do for u...........*grabs ha hand*its how I make u feel

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