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Ellie POV:

Five years.

I can't believe it's been five years.

Five happy.

Five sad.

Five Years.

"Ellie are you okay?" Aspen my big sister comes out on the back porch.

"Aspen!" I cheer up and go running towards her.

"I've missed you to" she smiles.

She lives in San Francisco going to Berkeley College and still with Keagan of course. Rumors are that he's going to propose to her next Christmas.

It's not really a rumor if he told you right?

"You came here just for me?" I ask with happy and sad tears.

"Yes. Your my baby sister" she smiles.

"What about us?" Sebastian pouts.

I go running up to him and Keagan and hug them both.

Both boys got scholarships to play on Berkeley's Football team. So when Aspen graduated high school she applied for the cheer scholarship to go to Berkley with the rest of them.

And fate played in our favor. Full ride scholarship to Berkley college to be a cheerleader and have perfect grades.

Now it's just me, Daddy, Dad, Lucas....oh and Siena in the house.

After Aspen left for college we had a free room. So daddy and dad made an amazing decision to foster kids!

We are fostering Siena. She's three years old and we are waiting for her mom to get out of the hospital!

She has no relatives but her mom needed someone to watch her because she's hospitalized, she trying to fight cancer.

"Siena honey you need to put your dress back on" Daddy scolds. We've had Siena since she was born.

Poor Siena just seems to have bad luck. Her daddy was in the military but died when her mommy was six months pregnant with her. Both her mommy and daddy were foster kids and only had each other.

Then when Siena was a month old her mommy was diagnosed with stage three metastatic melanoma cancer.

Her mom is now going through kemo and surgeries to get rid of it. And when the hospital says we can. We take Siena to go see her.

"No daddy I no where dress" she cries once my dad catches her. Yes she calls both dads daddy and dad that's all she knows.

"Bro bro save mes" she hides behind Sebastian with her sweet little baby talk.

"I'll save you" Keagan smiles and takes her from behind Sebastian.

"Here put on this dress so you'll be invisible and no one can get you" Keagan takes the dress from daddy and pulls it on Siena. Siena forgetting the whole no wearing dress situation listens.

"Siena! Where did she go?" Aspen pretends that she's invisible.

"I here!" She giggles and wriggles her way out of Keagan's arms and runs to Aspen. She scoops her up and cuddles her.

"I missed you" Aspen coos. Siena's strawberry blonde wavy hair flows down her back. With a simple flower crown on her head.

Now she's wearing her pretty dress. It's white at the top part and has a dusty rose colored tutu and a flower silk wrap around her belly almost as if it was a belt but it's just for a smooth transition from her white top and rose tutu.

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