Chapter 14

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Sebastian's POV:

"When are you getting your cast off?" A blonde flutters her eyelashes at me.

" like three weeks" I mumble still focusing on my little sister. I need to figure out what fucker is dating my sister.

"That's good" she tries to flirt. She's like fucking thirteen. I don't mess with that shit.

"Sebastian?" I hear a familiar voice from behind me. Fuck. I turn around and come into view with my sister's best friends.

"Harper, Maya" I nod my head in greeting.

"Why are you spying on your sister and acting like a creep" Harper asks curiously while playing with her bright red hair.

"I'm not spying on her....I was talking to.." fuck I don't remember this girl's name... "her" I mumble stupidly.

"Why are you talking to Darlen, you are seriously sounding like a creep now" Maya flips her brown curls.

"No, he just happened to be talking to her, he was really meeting up with me" Kegan shows up out of no where and covers up for me. Thank god.

"Oh okay" Maya shrugs and strangely both girls turn pale when they see him. What?

"Come on man" Kegan drags me away from them.

"Why were you over there?" I ask accusingly.

"What do you mean?" Kegan tries to play dumb.

"Are you fucking a freshmen?" I shriek at the image.

"What no!" Kegan grumbles in a gasp. But also goes pale.

"Yet" I mumble and look down awkwardly.

"Yes I'm seeing someone but nothing more then kissing and talking I swear" Kegan promises.

"Dude I'm not your mom, I don't give a fuck" I shrug.

"You will" he mumbles under his breath.

"What did you just say? Fuck man are you dating Harper or Maya?" I accuse.

"What no" Kegan shakes his head.

"Then who?" I ask curiously.

"She doesn't want anyone to know yet, but when she tells me I can, you'll be the first one to know" he promises.

"At least now I know it's a girl" I laugh.

"You fucker" he grumbles and starts to chase after me.

- - -

"Come on Aspen" I complain as I try to drag my slow ass sister out of the school. Damn girls take forever. Throw your shit in your locker and leave.

"Okay Okay" she rushes to throw her girly shit in her locker. She starts to sneeze her dramatic sneeze.

"Dad wants us to watch Ellie and Lucas tonight" I complain.

"Yeah I know" she shrugs.

"Your in charge of Ellie and I'm in charge of Lucas" I negotiate.

"What!? That's not fair. You should have to help change her wet diaper not me!" Aspen whines.

"No way, your a girl, you have one and she has one, I don't" I hint towards our different anatomy vaguely.

"It's not like you haven't seen a vagina" Aspen says crudely. Then sneezes dramatically once again.

"Aspen" I choke.

"I have a vagina and you have a penis, it's not that big of a deal" she laughs at my horrified face before jumping into the car.

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